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Your PageRank Just Dropped!

Posted on October 09, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

Looks like we have the highly anticipated PageRank update finally underway.

At the moment eMonetized still does not appear to have its PageRank updated but I’m hoping that will change over the course of the next few days. I don’t want to have to wait another 4 to 6 freakin months!

On most websites I visit PageRank has either dropped or stayed the same. PageRank is becoming less important than it was in the past and I’m more interested in links from relevant authority websites than the little green number in the toolbar. Nevertheless, PageRank still plays an important part in what many advertisers can charge for ads on their websites. When I’m personally looking to do some advertising on other blogs I look at RSS subscribers and number of comments being left.

Will Google eventually abandon their PageRank system all together? Only time will tell but I would not be surprised if they eventually remove the little green number from the toolbar.

A Couple Noteable PageRank Drops:

John Chow – PR6 to PR5

Andy Beard – PR5? to PR4

Entrepreneurs Journey – PR6 to PR5

And if you want to read more about what the hell might be going on, read this: Official: Selling Paid Links Can Hurt Your PageRank Or Rankings On Google

Here is an huge thread on Digital Point which talks about some of the recent PageRank changes and a thread on Webmaster-Talk.com about if Google’s Guidelines are Going Too Far.

It still looks like this update may have a way to go and the drops mentioned above could very well go back up.

Has your PageRank dropped, stayed the same or increased?

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10 Responses to “Your PageRank Just Dropped!”

  1. thatedeguy

    - 9th Oct, 07 04:10pm

    I dropped from a pr5 to a pr4. Not the biggest deal in the world, but before the paid links penalties, I was expecting a pr6.

  2. Steven Bradley

    - 9th Oct, 07 06:10pm

    I haven’t noticed any changes on my site. Either there won’t be any or the update hasn’t hit me yet. I would imagine the drops are due to paid links as some site will no longer be passing PR anymore.

  3. Caroline Middlebrook

    - 9th Oct, 07 06:10pm

    I stayed at unranked 🙂 It can only go up from there. Honestly I don’t think it matters that much. Unless you’re using PR to sell links or ads or something, it’s just a meaningless number.

  4. Slevi

    - 9th Oct, 07 07:10pm

    You just hit the nail partially on the head there though Caroline, many advertisers use PR as an indication for whether or not to buy ads with you in the first place placing you in a vicious circle:
    They look at your pr, buy ad place –> you place ad, your pr drops –> ad removed, other advertiser comes which is happy with the lower pr –> you place ad, pr drops

    Eventually if you’d continue and google would keep on penalizing people for paid links you’d just end up with a lot of those sites monetizing their site with low pageranks. You’ll probably find more advertisers to start looking at traffic or other factors then, but still it’s not really a good change.

    PR matters for more than just selling links or ads though, there are people which use it as a reference for whether or not to link to you. So if your PR drops you might be missing out on potential incoming links thanks to that.

  5. Rob Schultz

    - 9th Oct, 07 09:10pm

    I guess I’m one of the people in limbo who does not know whether or not the PR change has hit their site…I’m at a PR 4 and have been for quite some time. I’ve been interested in monetizing my blog for quite some time now and was really hoping for a PR increase this time around.

    I predict that Google will do away with their PR system in the near future or alter it drastically. In the modern form of the web it’s become almost useless.

  6. James

    - 9th Oct, 07 09:10pm

    The interesting problem about Pagerank and advertising is that you may need pagerank to get better advertising. If you do not have a good enough pagerank, you may be stuck with AdSense. Maybe it works good for Google to keep Pagerank low?

  7. Tom

    - 9th Oct, 07 10:10pm

    None of my blogs have shown any change yet but the rumour on the jungle drums is that this is the beginning. After so many false starts can it really be PR export time?

  8. Steven

    - 10th Oct, 07 01:10am

    Normally I use FF to access this site at home but I right now I am out using someone else’s computer and they still have IE6. Under IE6, your whole site looks funky and broken. I know you announced that you are working on a new theme but thought I’d just give you a heads up on this in case no one else brought it up.

  9. Crenk

    - 28th Oct, 07 01:10pm

    My site has been penalised for a while now, but have never worked out why until all the stories have come out. I dont sell text links and Im not using link farms, so i have request a review from Google. We will see if this helps

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