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Relationships = Hype = BlogRush = Success?

Posted on September 20, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

Why is BlogRush having such a huge amount of immediate success?

One common answer I’ve read is that BlogRush is about the power of HYPE.

This is certainly true but “Hype” is often not the first part of the equation. It’s about building RELATIONSHIPS!

Lets face it, BlogRush really isn’t anything revolutionary and it’s NOT going to send a flood of traffic to the average blog. It simply can’t live up to the hype and promises plastered all over the web. Nevertheless, the network’s growth has exploded in just a few days. If the average John Doe created the same network, the success of it would likely have been much different.

John Reese, founder of BlogRush, is an internet and affiliate marketing legend. He is in the elite few that make millions of dollars a year doing so. He has been online marketing since 1990. And how about this:

On August 17, 2004, John Reese shocked the Internet marketing world and pulled in over $1,000,000 in sales in less than 24 hours (18 to be exact) for the launch of a new product — and he did it without spending one penny on advertising!

One million dollars in less than 24 hours! I suspect this was done with a mixture of gigantic email lists and viral marketing but I’m sure a huge part of it had to also do with the thousands of relationships he has forged through his years of success online.

Now there is more than one way to forge these relationships. Sometimes you can BUY a relationship. For example, the “million dollar wiki” basically purchased a relationship with John Chow via a review but it’s been beneficially successful for both of them. ShoeMoney later ended up writing a post and buying a page about the wiki after reading about it on John Chow. ShoeMoney helped make this guy an extra $40,000 over the course of a few days.

My relationship with John Chow started with some Google Adwords Site Targeted advertising on his website which he blogged about on his website but we have continued to work together in a few ways up to this day. I may write a new post about different ways to build relationships and it certainly does not always have to involve money (leaving comments, leaving pingbacks, blogrolls etc.)

I have to admit that it’s often tough to create good relationships with A-List bloggers. I think many times you have to prove yourself in some ways but other times it just takes some luck. Maybe I’m wrong but it seems like I never heard a mention of John Chow by ShoeMoney until his RSS really started booming and he was making more and more money online. ShoeMoney just recently allowed John Chow to guest host his radio show. A-Listers cater to A-Listers because they can help each other make even more money than they already do (and lots of it). It makes sense.

On the other hand don’t neglect building relationships with those on the D-List. Just because someone is not on the A-List of bloggers yet does not mean they are not in the A-List of affiliate or internet marketers and highly successful. You can usually figure this out on your own.

John Reese has a lot of friends in high (and low) places and these relationships are, in part, a huge reason for the Hype with BlogRush. Lets use the highly successful ShoeMoney as an example. In his initial post about BlogRush he starts with “Earlier this week internet marketing superstar (and also my good friend) John Reese launched Blog Rush. ”

BlogRush’s long term success is still unknown and I have mixed feelings about the program. Hype does not always = Success.

Take Agloco for example. While it still might be a little early to declare Agloco a failure, right now it’s beginning to look like a million member flop. I’m not saying BlogRush won’t be a long term success or that it was a bad idea but the real success of the network is what happens when that hype wears off. For those that don’t like the referral downline aspect of the BlogRush program, I guarantee the network would not have been successful without it.

Ultimately, BlogRush’s long term success comes down to one thing:

The Clickthrough Ratio

Blogs that have managed to build a huge downline don’t have to worry about this much. They can just remove the widget and still continue to get traffic without doing anything. They won’t need to use there own blog’s impressions to gain thousands of daily credits.

However, what about blogs with low to mid-level traffic or those with a small referral network?

Will adding another widget and giving up valuable real estate on your blog be worth it?

I’m certainly NOT counting BlogRush out and it would be premature and dumb to do so. The network is still in the Hype phase and brand new. The “My BlogRush CTR is abysmal” posts are already starting to appear throughout the blogosphere.

I do think they will have some tough times ahead of them but I think they will make the changes that need to be made to pull through these tough times. Keep in mind that your own CTR may have a lot to do with your post title among other things. Andy Beard has written several great articles about Blogrush that you might want to read through.

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10 Responses to “Relationships = Hype = BlogRush = Success?”

  1. Jorge

    - 20th Sep, 07 05:09pm

    The CTR for my blog’s been horrendous. I’m in the Finance section of BlogRush where I figured there wouldn’t be much in the way of competition. Well there really isn’t much competition which would explain why I’m gaining more syndication credits than using. I’ve heard from John Chow, I believe, that you can add additional blogs to your account and as such increase your exposure and CTR. In the end, it may not be worth it to be quite honest.

    My current stats: 2164 current balance
    Impressions so far: 2329
    Clicks: 2

  2. Starfeeder

    - 20th Sep, 07 05:09pm

    I’m giving them some time to work out their bugs, but yea my CTR is zip like many others….

  3. James

    - 20th Sep, 07 06:09pm

    It may be getting good exposure now, but it may drop off the earth soon. Larger blogs can’t get enough exposure in exchange for impressions and smaller blogs feel like they are just losing readers with no return.
    Looks like it will fizzle but I am also going to give it a while.

  4. Word Hugger

    - 21st Sep, 07 12:09am

    I would say give them a month or two, and then start using it. They should have a pretty stable system by then, and the big bugs should be fixed.

  5. Jim Kukral

    - 21st Sep, 07 06:09pm


  6. Caroline Middlebrook

    - 25th Sep, 07 10:09am

    I agree that building any successful business is about relationships – look at blogs for instance. The most popular blogs have become popular via word of mouth and the blogger becoming known within the niche.

    However as far as BlogRush goes I think there’s more to it than that. The ten tier referral system is the viral part that has everybody excited. I still think it would have got a lot of attention even if it has been an unknown who had launched it.

  7. Collin

    - 28th Sep, 07 11:09pm

    I agree, I had a problem and I emailed blogrush about it and never heard back. John said they are going to go over every ones blog to see who fits and who dont fit into the blog rush area. My guess is the richer get richer and us little guys have to find our own way around.

    I am affraid that the big boys will continue to grow and not leave anything for us till the blog fad dies out.

  8. George

    - 2nd Oct, 07 05:10pm

    I just came across your blog, looks you have some really good content.

    I really liked what you said about building relationships. It is something I have been working on over the last year and it has really started paying off lately. It’s not the only way to be succesful in business, but it REALLY helps.

    As far as blogrush, I am a big fan of John Reese, so I am taking a wait and see approach.

  9. Ray Loesch

    - 4th Oct, 07 04:10pm

    I just happened to come across your blog via Blogrush, Just wanted to let you know. I will agree with George I am a big fan of John Reese and will use the system until I find that it is taking up valuable space on my blog that might be better used for something else.

    i just heard that Blogrush will be manually approving Blogs pretty soon and that should help keep away spammers and affiliate only blogs.

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