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Increase Your Google Adsense CTR by Rotating Colors

Posted on September 18, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

Are visitors not clicking on your Google Adsense Banners? I was emailed about a free webmaster tool that might improve your CTR by rotating colors.

If you are a member of the DigitalPoint Forums you have probably noticed how the background color of the header Adsense banner changes with each page view (when not a SiteMatch image ad). This done to reduce banner blindness.

AdsenseJuggler is a new webmaster tool which alternates Adsense Colors for you.

You input all your regular Adsense information and choose what portion of the views you would like to have your colors changed. You then change your Google Adsense code to the code they provide for you.

Now your visitors will sometimes see a random predetermined color scheme, which in theory, should grab their attention and get them to click on the ads.

The website admits that this tool might not be for every website, mainly because the random colors might not flow with your website’s design. But I guess the whole point of this tool is that it makes the banners NOT flow with your website so viewers actually pay attention to them. It really probably depends on the the type of website you are using the code on but I could see it working well on forums.

If you are struggling with Your Google Adsense CTR you might want to give AdsenseJuggler a try and see if it works.

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15 Responses to “Increase Your Google Adsense CTR by Rotating Colors”

  1. Marc Eilbeck

    - 18th Sep, 07 05:09pm

    Great Post Tim. Nice Tool

  2. Dave

    - 19th Sep, 07 06:09pm

    I’m going to try it now. Thanks.

  3. Steven Bradley

    - 19th Sep, 07 07:09pm

    Interesting tool. What might be nice is for someone to create a tool allowing you to rotate among a set of color schemes you create and allow you to track the impressions and clicks on each color scheme.

  4. Prestamos

    - 20th Sep, 07 02:09pm

    Great tool but why you have to link to that site? why not just to give you the code for free (really free)

  5. Greatreeftanks.com

    - 25th Sep, 07 05:09pm

    If I’m not mistaken, and maybe I am, but Google Adsense has this function built it. I have it running on my site. I can choose which colours I’d like rotating for the ad. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the article.


  6. Mike

    - 1st Oct, 07 03:10am

    Google Adsense does provide a similar tool, but it shuffles all the colors equally… (i.e. you can’t have your regular colors 95% of the time, and a choice of 20 other ones the other 5%)

  7. Adam

    - 4th Oct, 07 11:10pm

    That is a very interesting idea – I suppose that it would work best on sites where visitors get accustomed to seeing the ads and tune them out. I bet it would work great on generic-type sites like news sites and stuff.

  8. Shane Board

    - 8th Nov, 07 03:11am

    This is a nice idea, I did wonder why the digital point forums had so many changing colours as it clearly does not suit the site, I may try this on some of my websites.

    Nice post!

  9. Loans-Eye

    - 16th Nov, 07 10:11am

    This is great idea to increase CTR and definitely will help in increasing adsense earnings. Thanks a lot for such a useful advise.

  10. mriza

    - 8th Jan, 08 05:01pm

    Not really sure, other people said : to get more CTR, blend your ads with your web theme, so what about it?

  11. Nokia Fans

    - 1st Mar, 08 07:03pm

    Some say that well-blended and static ads format/color will gives best chances to be clicked. I’ve never tried to use this methods. Nice idea anyway and come to my consideration.. hope this work.

  12. Kirk

    - 15th May, 09 08:05pm

    it sure will catch attention but are the colors that much of a contrast that it becomes an eyesore… just a thought..

  13. Free Banner Maker

    - 27th May, 09 06:05pm

    Yeah perhaps, most people would like to try something that looks attractive and appealing to them. So mostly well blended and static ads are sometimes favorable.

  14. Adsense Blog Toolbox

    - 10th Jun, 10 08:06am

    I’m just curious if there’s any update related to the CTR adsense tool — will it still be applicable with the changes in search engine policies today or is it still a good choice, especially for starters?

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