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BlogRush Reviews: BlogRush Around the Blogosphere

Posted on September 18, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

Chances are that you have already heard about the new traffic exchange program content syndication network, BlogRush, pioneered by internet marketing legend John Reese. I didn’t rush on over to this network as fast as I should have but after reading so much hype about BlogRush I was feeling a little left out. I can’t be the only blog NOT to mention BlogRush! Ok, so maybe that’s an exaggeration but it’s no exaggeration to say that BlogRush’s growth rate in just a few short days is amazing. I joined today and added the BlogRush widget to the eMonetized sidebar for testing.

Here is a list of a few BlogRush Reviews from around the Blogosphere.

Positive and/or Neutral Reviews:

Increase Your Blog Traffic with BlogRush – John Chow was one of the first big time bloggers to talk about BlogRush so I have no doubt he is already building a massive downline. Just remember how well he did building his Agloco network. His post is just a short review and introduction on the network.

BlogRush Review: Using Widgets to Get Traffic to Your Blog – Maki of Dosh Dosh does a little bit more indepth review of BlogRush but refrains from completely recommending it because of lack of data at this point.

Great New System to Get Free Traffic – This is a very short review and he lets the video do the explaining but he does mention about the widget using javascript so you don’t have to “worry about reciprocal links or even linking to people or nofollow tags.” John Reese told him that given his current downline network he can expect about 45,000 impressions per day on the blog rush network in the business/marketing category. That’s no surprise given the popularity of ShoeMoney’s blog and it didn’t hurt that he was one of the first to announce BlogRush.

BlogRush Offers Free Syndicated Traffic Exchange – Andy Beal gives a brief overview of BlogRush. It’s not really a review but I like his quote “While it’s always nice to earn additional traffic, you can trust that if the widget spews nothing but spam, it will be removed faster than you can say “BlogRush”.”

BlogRush – Free Blog Traffic – Indepth Review – A well written and indepth review of BlogRush by Andy Beard.

Yes, BlogRush Does Work – The Cow talks about how he has received 40 unique visitors since joining the program. He also states that he signed up John Chow in his referral downline. If that is the truth then I would expect he should be getting a whole lot more traffic than that.

Dissenting Opinions:

I have not found very many negative reviews of BlogRush at this point but here is one:

Don’t Waste Your Time With BlogRush Jim Kukral makes a lot of valid points and concerns. The gist of his argument against BlogRush is that it will only benefit mid-sized blogs (those in the 1000s RSS range). The biggest of the blogs are not going to use it. Those mid-size blogs will gain by far the vast majority of the referrals leaving the average blogger with little traffic or reason to use the widget. He also had some concerns about BlogRush’s collection of your stats but John Reese added a reply to clear up those concerns a bit. The jury is still out so it’s to early to know what the long term success of BlogRush will be.

What I Like About BlogRush:

I think BlogRush offers an attractive widget that will fit in well on most blogs. The widget needs to be customizable but I know they are working on that. So far the links shown seem to be fairly relevant although I wish they used some sub categories since an affiliate marketing blog might not want to show up on a SEO blog and vice versa. It’s to early to tell how well BlogRush will work in terms of traffic but it’s worth a shot. Now is the time to try it.

Click Here to Join BlogRush.

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8 Responses to “BlogRush Reviews: BlogRush Around the Blogosphere”

  1. James

    - 18th Sep, 07 01:09am

    I posted thoughts about it yesterday. I kind of doubt it will make much difference for me, but I put the widget up anyway.
    I really just wanted to make a post about BlogRush. 🙂

  2. Andy Beard

    - 18th Sep, 07 05:09pm

    Tim, what I think John is doing is distributing the inverted credits more evenly. How long it will last is impossible to tell, but blogs with just a welcome post not even displaying the widget are gaining exposure (and getting blocked by me)

    Worst case scenario, the stats will be extremely interesting.

  3. Steven Bradley

    - 18th Sep, 07 06:09pm

    Tim, I added the widget yesterday and wrote my own review as well. Today I started seeing more negative reviews, mostly in the sense of being tired of seeing so much publicity given to BlogRush so quickly.

    I see it mostly as a supplement to your other marketing. I’m not expecting a huge influx of traffic. I think it’s worth experimenting to see what happens though.

  4. Indra Diky

    - 19th Sep, 07 08:09pm

    I hope non-English blog will be supported in the future.

  5. Stephan Miller

    - 4th Oct, 07 08:10pm

    About 2000 pageviews and one clickthrough. But what the hell, I figure the ratio is about the same coming from my site. I will leave it there for a while to see what happens. I figure bloggers with a bigger downline don’t mind the CTR.

  6. MaxBlogPress

    - 16th Oct, 07 03:10pm

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    This allows you to control what you want to display in BlogRush. You can even write alternate – short and catchy title just for BlogRush.

    You will have total control of what appears over the BlogRush Network.

    Check it out here:

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