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Venture into PPC Marketing – Update

Posted on September 14, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

A couple months ago I wrote a post talking about my new venture into PPC marketing.

I mentioned that I was doing some new experimenting with “direct to the merchant” PPC advertising using Google Adwords and made $453 in revenue using OfferWeb in a little over two days. That’s after expenses.

Since then I have not done nearly as much new testing as I had hoped. I have also have not gotten to the point with experimenting with landing pages except for a couple exceptions I’ll mention. I did manage to make some more nice short term commissions.

A second quick experiment I conducted was with an offer in the Copeac Affiliate Network.

I let this offer run for about 36 hours and sent 71 sales for a total of $798.75 in commissions.

The total spent on with Google Adwords for this campaign was $331.28

That’s a $467.47 profit in less than two days for a test campaign that only took about 30 minutes to setup.

I sure wish I could have let this new campaign continue running but they soon changed their policies on this offer to not allow Search traffic! To bad huh! I’ve still been paid. Some of the best offers I really want to promote don’t want to allow Search (traffic or leads coming from PPC advertising). I did the same thing in a different network and just take my word for it that I made $1596 in commissions in a matter of just a couple days doing the same thing. Profit was about $500 over that two day period.

Occassionally I’ll find an offer that does not allow Search traffic in one affiliate network but does in another (at least short term). I’ll jump on those until their terms change or are updated.

Even though I can’t do PPC on these particular offers anymore, I know that they should do really well if I can rank pages for them high in the natural search engine results. Once I get some more time to really get the ball rolling on these PPC experiments I’m hoping to find some programs that I know will likely always allow Search traffic.

I’m not exactly new to Google Adwords as I’ve spent $24,973.43 with them from May 07 through August 07 and I have been using them for several years. However, most of that Adwords traffic is pointing to just a couple offers on two traditional style SEOd websites. I guess you could consider them landing pages but the websites were created for natural search engine traffic and not as landing pages created for the sole purpose of PPC marketing. I had not been doing many “direct to merchant” ads since Google changed to it’s one display url per website rule until these recent tests.

Some of you may be a little confused on just how I’m going about doing these direct to merchant ppc ads so I’ll be writing a new article explaining this in addition to using cloaking with Google Adwords. Stay tuned and subscribe to eMonetized to be one of the first to know. Then once I begin moving on to sending PPC to dedicated landing pages I’ll share any tips and progress I’m having with those.

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7 Responses to “Venture into PPC Marketing – Update”

  1. DerekBeau

    - 14th Sep, 07 04:09pm

    Wow, congratulations on the success. It seems that you have an amazing success rate. Do you think it was good luck or your ability to choose good offers? 🙂

    Did you have any campaigns that turned out to be losers?

  2. Tim Schroeder

    - 14th Sep, 07 05:09pm

    Hey Derek,

    Thanks. Yes, I have tested a few campaigns that did turn out to be duds.

    If you look a campaigns four, five and six in the original “Venture into PPC” post none of those did any well. But my losses with those were pretty minimal mostly because those were not real high traffic keywords.

    I think my initial success has a little to do with BOTH a little luck and my ability to find good programs. 🙂 I’ll try and write a little more on that shortly (wife is in the hospital at the moment but doing well).

  3. Steven

    - 14th Sep, 07 10:09pm

    Hey Tim,

    Success is success and I believe that most successes in life are a combination of both luck and your ability to achieve it. Looks like you got some really nice figures there. Keep up the good work.

    I hope that your wife and new bundle of joy continues to do well and would love to hear more on the story when the new baby arrives 😉


  4. Micky Ward

    - 15th Sep, 07 04:09am

    DAMN that recent test has some seriously high CTR.

    No chance on sharing the design or how you’re getting this is there?

  5. Tim Schroeder

    - 15th Sep, 07 01:09pm

    Hi Micky,

    The CTR in Copeac is skewed because it’s not tracking impressions.
    The CTR in Adwords was pretty high for that campaign by being in the number one spot with good ad text.

  6. gaman

    - 19th Sep, 07 07:09am

    I noticed the high CTR too. I usually get high CTRs when using the brand names but I don’t know what Tim’s secret is 🙂


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