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Miscellaneous Friday Updates & Weekend Reading

Posted on August 31, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

My Day Yesterday:

Sigh. It’s been a rough couple of days for me. My wife and I our expecting our second child and we had her 30 week doctor checkup yesterday. Long story short, the nurse practically scared us to death saying she was already dialating and having contractions. “Your going to the hospital” she said.

Given that our first child arrived 5 weeks early we are hoping this one will stay full term. That kind of stress really wipes you out. The good news is that she didn’t have the baby. They gave her some medicine to slow the contractions and sent us home. The bad news is that she has been put on bed rest at least for the next few days. Until next week when we hire a babysitter I’ll be watching Austin about full time.

I was however lucky enough to find a babysitter for tonight so that I can attend a Fantasy Football Draft party. 😉

Also, thanks to those who notified about a problem with this styles theme on the home page in Internet Explorer. I’m planning on getting a new design for eMonetized next month and I think you are going to like it (hint: ever heard of a Nate)!

John Chow Banner Contest Update:

I’ve received banners from all the John Chow winners but I am still waiting to receive four banners for the eMonetized banner ad winners. I’ve sent the banners to John but I do not know the exact days when he shows them.

Weekend Reading:

Since I’m kind of short on time today and don’t have time to do an official “In the Spotlight” post here are some blogs you should checkout over the weekend.

1. Erik Karey of ErikKarey.com

Erik Karey is a smart guy. I noticed him first through one of his comments on my blog. I have also seen his name via the comments section of several popular blogs. Here is a post I wrote back on June 14 about commenting on high traffic blogs. It’s a great way to get noticed, get traffic to your blog and sometimes acquire more backlinks. Like on this blog, he does not use nofollow on his comment links. We both DoFollow. 🙂

Erik just started a new series on How Analyzing Statistics Can Make You a Better Blogger such go check that out.

2. Andy Beard of AndyBeard.eu

Andy runs a no nonsense high quality blog about Niche Marketing. If you look through the archives, you will find a wealth of knowledge on SEO and internet marketing. And it’s not the same type of information you find everywhere else.

If you have not read Andy’s WordPress SEO Masterclass For Competitive Niches it will be worth your time.

3. Jane May of DailyWebIdeas.com

Because of a recent move, Jane has not been able to post as much lately but should soon be getting back on schedule. Jane has a nice style of writing and it does not hurt that she is good looking too. 🙂 She recently did a three part series that will help you Learn How To Do A Keyword Analysis.

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for reading eMonetized! As always, please consider subscribing to my feed if you have not already.

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4 Responses to “Miscellaneous Friday Updates & Weekend Reading”

  1. Tay

    - 1st Sep, 07 05:09am

    I hope your wife and your second child both stay okay and healthy. I can understand it must be tough.

    I also can’t wait to see your new theme! It’s going to be great. 🙂

    Great blogs – I will definitely check them out!

  2. investorblogger

    - 1st Sep, 07 05:09pm

    Wishing you guys well for the baby! …


  3. Steven

    - 2nd Sep, 07 09:09pm

    Do you know if its a boy or girl yet? What are you thinking of in terms of names?

  4. Word Hugger

    - 3rd Sep, 07 07:09am

    Nice weekend reading blogs. As for your last kid being 5 weeks early, yeah I bet that can take a toll on you.

    Hope your next kid stays full term, and that you, your wife, and your kids are as healthy as possible.

    Wishing you luck,

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