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Getting Cheap Penny Clicks With Google Adwords

Posted on August 27, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

Did you know that you can get cheap clicks using Google Adwords for as little as .01 per click?

I think I first read about this specific cheap Google Adwords traffic technique about a year ago but I don’t remember the resource. I was reminded about this idea when looking through my Adwords account today. I still have one Adwords Campaign active doing just what I’m going to explain below.

What I’m about to share with you is not some kind of secret, but very few Adwords users are utilizing this technique for cheap clicks via Google Adwords. It’s using Google Adwords Site Targeting but with a twist.

Step 1. Make some banners.

First you will need to make, or have made, some good image ad banners. The most common sizes used on websites are 468×60 and 728 x 90 banners so I would just start with those two.

Other banner sizes Adwords will allow include the 200 x 200 Small Square, 250 x 250 Square, 300 x 250 Inline, 336 x 280 Large Rectangle, 120 x 600 Skyscraper and 160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper.

Step 2. Create a new Google Adwords campaign.

When you begin creating the AdGroup, be sure you create an “image ad” ad instead of the usual “text ad” campaign.

Step 3. Import lots and lots of relevant keyword.

Lastly you will import as many relevant keywords as you can into the new adgroup . The more keywords you can add the better (I’m talking thousands). Also, set your max bid at $.01 to $.03. You can experiment with raising these bids to slightly higher amounts later.

After saving the campaign most of the keywords will probably be marked as inactive for search because the bids are so low. But with this Adwords technique, that does not matter because it’s the Adwords CONTENT network that will deliver your banner and could possibly send you lots and lots of dirt cheap traffic.

If you are the black hat type you could also try sending this traffic to your PPC arbitrage page. I’m not endorsing ppc arbitrage (this has its risks) and don’t do this anymore myself but it was an obvious idea that came to my head.

My specific results with this technique have been somewhat minimal. However, I think this has to do with the banners I am using and that I did not import enough keywords. I have about 1500 keywords in this campaign and I am getting thousands of impressions a month but the actual click-through ratio is low. I think if I increased it to 5 or 10 thousand keywords (which you would need some sort of software to do) and made a more clickable banner this could work fairly well.

If you try this, I’d be curious to hear about your own results!

You can here.

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15 Responses to “Getting Cheap Penny Clicks With Google Adwords”

  1. Liberty and New Creation

    - 27th Aug, 07 09:08pm

    I have had no success with Adwords so far with my ecommerce site. But this gives me some hope.

    I’m selling things that are very visual anyway (framed sports photos), so images should fit perfectly.

    I’m trying this out immediately. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Liberty and New Creation

    - 27th Aug, 07 09:08pm

    Quick question I forgot to ask. Would you recommend site targeting or keyword based?

  3. WordPress AdWord Advice

    - 27th Aug, 07 10:08pm

    so the idea is to have as many relevant keywords as possible and find the least possible bid in the whole content network.

    The obvious question comes to mind is since you have way too many keywords , would it not make your campaign much less targetted and therefore the traffic you will get will not be as much specific as you would want and there fore conversion rate will be much smaller?

  4. Tim Schroeder

    - 27th Aug, 07 11:08pm


    You would want to do Keyword-targeted but select image ad instead of text ad when you get to that section.

    WordPress AdWord Advice,

    It’s mostly about getting cheap traffic. But Yes, some of the keywords would be less targeted and it would probably only work best for certain types of websites who can convert a wide range of traffic into revenue. For example if you have a weight loss website, you could probably come up with thousands of long tail keywords where they would all be somewhat targeted.

  5. James

    - 28th Aug, 07 03:08am

    For me this technique is not as effective as it may have been. I think they fixed the loophole for image ads bidding cheaper than text ads on the content network. I’m not sure the image ads are any cheaper than text ads now.

    Still, it’s worth a shot to see if you can get it to work. I have been lazy in measuring the campaigns closely so I could be wrong.

  6. Danny Tuppeny

    - 28th Aug, 07 05:08pm

    You can add both text and image ads under the same ad group, so just create as many different sizes and text ads as you want. Even better, Google will automatically give priority to the best performing ones! >:D

  7. shazad

    - 30th Aug, 07 09:08pm

    Now thats something worth a ponder. I did not actually know they could go that low. Gives me another reason to use them on my affiliate ventures

  8. Kentucky Derby Picks

    - 29th Apr, 08 12:04am

    Yeah this is a good technique… it’s finding those ways of advertising that few people are doing… I haven’t implemented this yet but testing is in the near future.

  9. sopian

    - 15th Nov, 08 06:11am

    Can be use to text ad? i’m new in adwords and never use more then 30 keywords and they are expensive keywords. how you setup 1500 keywords?

  10. Tami Murphy

    - 23rd Nov, 08 07:11pm

    I just began a google adwords campaign for my site using a text ad. I had google run the keyword optimization on my url & then I selected the words that were the lowest bid of .05 each. I’m going to try a display ad as well with the same strategy & compare results. Here’s the site for those that want to take a peek:


  11. Lisa

    - 14th Jul, 09 06:07pm

    I only got 10 impressions following your suggestions? And that was only after I bumped the cost up to .10 cents instead of .01! What a disappointment.

  12. Mohit

    - 31st Jul, 09 01:07am

    Not sure whether you’re going to beleive it or not, but let me share. When I started my Adwords Campaign, at first time I was getting few hundred impressions a day. Here I’m talking about the content network, but after a small tweak I started getting lacs of impressions day generating over thousand of clicks a day.

    And one strange thing is that I’ve not used more than 200 keywords.

  13. Peter

    - 25th Aug, 09 05:08pm

    What a cool post… found on a google search for “how to get cheap adwords”

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