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Sharing the Love: Free John Chow Banner Ad Contest

Posted on August 24, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

(Update. This contest has now ENDED. See below for more info.).

As mentioned in a previous, I’ve been thinking about some ideas for a new John Chow Banner Ad contest.

John Chow will be selling these currently sold-out 125 x 125 banner spots for whopping $500 a month. Now $500 is not chump change for most people and it’s not for me either. However, if you think smart, your return on investment can easily exceed your costs. That is a fact based on the success some advertisers have had with the 300 x 250 banner spot and some review me orders. Luckily I’m one of the few to secure a new banner spot and my luck is now your reward.

With this first contest, I’m going to give FOUR of you the opportunity to get your banner on John Chow for FREE.

I’m going to keep this fairly simple.

1. A reply to this post counts as ONE entry.

2. A link back from your blog to this thread (trackback) and the eMonetized.com homepage counts as FIVE entries.

Your anchor text and text copy may vary. All that is required is the two links. For example:

Tim Schroeder of eMonetized.com is giving four people the chance to have their own 125 x 125 banner ad shown on John Chow for free. Your can read more about his John Chow Banner Ad Contest Here.

Now this is the easiest contest ever because a simple reply to this post gets you one entry. However, if you take the time to mention this contest on your blog it will significantly increase your chances of winning. I’ll also really appreciate it. You never know, you might find yourself in one of my “In-the-Spotlight” posts. 😉

As an added BONUS for the first 10 linkbacks to this contest from your blog you will get your own 468 x 80 banner rotated on the top page of eMonetized.com for a full month. Just contact me with the link to your banner and url. Remember, I’m getting lots of extra traffic from John Chow so your banner will be seen. Even if you are not one of the first 10 to linkback, you will still get the five extra contest entries for doing so.

This contest will end Wednesday August 29 (specific time to be announced). At the end of this contest I’ll randomly select FOUR winners and announce them on eMonetized. Each of these four winners will get your own 125 x 125 banner shown on John Chow for one day.

How much traffic and how much money will your banner send you? That really depends on how creative you can be with your banner! You can probably expect anywhere from 100 to 300+ clicks on your banner for this free one day ad.

Good Luck and thanks for reading eMonetized.com!


UPDATE: This contest is now OVER and winners will be announced shortly. Thanks to everyone who participated!

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186 Responses to “Sharing the Love: Free John Chow Banner Ad Contest”

  1. Linky Love

    - 27th Aug, 07 02:08am


    I reply 🙂

    Entering your contest with my sexy banner at : http://www.linkylove.net/linky-love.gif

  2. John Bennett

    - 27th Aug, 07 02:08am

    Great Idea for a contest. That would be a nice one to win. I’m going to write a post soon!

  3. shaun

    - 27th Aug, 07 02:08am

    count me in 🙂

  4. chtanxw

    - 27th Aug, 07 02:08am

    One of the great ideas …

  5. Jeremy

    - 27th Aug, 07 02:08am

    Great idea, I hope I get around to posting this on my blog!

  6. allen stern

    - 27th Aug, 07 03:08am

  7. Ash Haque

    - 27th Aug, 07 04:08am

    Count me in!

  8. cooper

    - 27th Aug, 07 05:08am

    Well hells bells I almost wish I had a money making blog.

  9. JasonJ

    - 27th Aug, 07 06:08am

    Count me in! Thanks!

  10. Danny Tuppeny

    - 27th Aug, 07 09:08am

    That’s certainly one way to get comments on your blog! I’ve had very few – maybe I’ll steal your idea! 😉

  11. Lesley

    - 27th Aug, 07 09:08am

    Hmm… Seems that the trackback is not working…

    Anyway, thanks for the contest Tim! Definitely hoping to win some John Chow’s effect. 🙂

  12. SEO Optimization

    - 27th Aug, 07 10:08am

    This is a great opportunity, tho i am late on it and today is 27th August already, it would be worthless to give it a try. Anyway good luck to the “winner” 😉

  13. Ryan Stewart

    - 27th Aug, 07 10:08am

    I’m all over it. I’d love to get another taste of the John Chow effect.

    Not sure if my trackback will show up or not, but it’s done.

  14. blackyard.net

    - 27th Aug, 07 10:08am

    I will make a post on my blog ASAP! Thanks dude!

  15. Wahlau.NET

    - 27th Aug, 07 11:08am

    I wan in

  16. thatedeguy

    - 27th Aug, 07 02:08pm

    That’s a pretty intriguing idea. Would certainly be kinda nice to put a banner on John Chow for a day…

  17. Thoughts In Binary

    - 27th Aug, 07 02:08pm

    Well then I might as well join. Great, original idea. You’ve just won a loyal reader in me.

  18. Scooter

    - 27th Aug, 07 02:08pm

    Great idea for a contest!

  19. Angel - win $100 on my blog

    - 27th Aug, 07 03:08pm

    As that ^ says: I’m in.

  20. Nick

    - 27th Aug, 07 05:08pm

    Count me in! I guess if I win I’ll have to create something that can be used for the 125 x 125 link.

  21. Jay Thompson

    - 27th Aug, 07 08:08pm

    Brilliant idea! It could only be more brillianterif you picked me!

  22. Kyle M. Stephens

    - 27th Aug, 07 08:08pm

    Here’s my lottery ticket!

  23. Kashif

    - 27th Aug, 07 09:08pm

    I may win.

  24. Jamshed

    - 27th Aug, 07 09:08pm

  25. A Week In The Life of A Redhead

    - 28th Aug, 07 01:08am

    Aren’t you just a clever lad…

    The big question is can I say what I want on this banner…?

    Catherine, the redhead

    I’ll give you some link love on Tuesday at http://www.aweekinthelifeofaredhead.com
    that is if you don’t mind hanging with a boy and his dog too.

  26. Linky Love

    - 28th Aug, 07 01:08am

    Trackback isn’t showing my post, so I add it manually here:

    Free John Chow!

  27. Cody

    - 28th Aug, 07 02:08am

    Oh…I was hoping I’d be one of the first ten! Oh well…I’d love to win this thing 😉

  28. Dave S.

    - 28th Aug, 07 03:08am

    Ok, I’d like to be entered too.

  29. Adam

    - 28th Aug, 07 05:08am


    Hi mate, a ‘VERY’ creative idea – please consider this an entry for your ingenious little competition.

    I hope you see some good regular traffic from the promo.

    Best Regards,
    30 Day Man

  30. rodney

    - 28th Aug, 07 09:08am

    just to enter the contest. But tell who gave you this brillant idea ? I also was hoping to be one of the first the but when i saw the amount of entry (136) ? Whaouh ?

    Can i make a french review ? You know, my blog is in french but, i can copy and past the example you showed in the review .

  31. David Wilkinson

    - 28th Aug, 07 10:08am

    Oh man – Count me in! 😉

  32. Roseate

    - 28th Aug, 07 11:08am


    I am in 🙂 …Love to win this!

    I also made a post at my blog:

    Win A Free Banner Ad At John Chow.COM ! 🙂

    Thanks for this compititon,

  33. Rob Schultz

    - 28th Aug, 07 12:08pm

    Wow! This is quite a uniquely clever idea. I’d love to win this contest!

  34. High Return Investing with Dax

    - 28th Aug, 07 12:08pm

    I’m in for 1 entry.

  35. dolphine

    - 28th Aug, 07 01:08pm

    Here’s my entry.

    Sharing the Love: Free John Chow Banner Ad Contest

  36. waigs

    - 28th Aug, 07 02:08pm

    count me in

  37. Chris Mitchell

    - 28th Aug, 07 03:08pm

    If I managed to win this, I’d be interested to see how John Chow’s readers would respond to a niche scuba diving site like mine. I’m guessing it would have pretty poor clickthroughs but maybe good conversion…

  38. EverydayCrap

    - 28th Aug, 07 03:08pm

    I’m in for this contest… great idea!

  39. Starfeeder

    - 28th Aug, 07 07:08pm

    Cool contest 🙂

    Now gotta go back and read more of John’s blog…

  40. Husnehpet

    - 28th Aug, 07 08:08pm

    Awesome way to build links and get more readership.


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