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Sharing the Love: Free John Chow Banner Ad Contest

Posted on August 24, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

(Update. This contest has now ENDED. See below for more info.).

As mentioned in a previous, I’ve been thinking about some ideas for a new John Chow Banner Ad contest.

John Chow will be selling these currently sold-out 125 x 125 banner spots for whopping $500 a month. Now $500 is not chump change for most people and it’s not for me either. However, if you think smart, your return on investment can easily exceed your costs. That is a fact based on the success some advertisers have had with the 300 x 250 banner spot and some review me orders. Luckily I’m one of the few to secure a new banner spot and my luck is now your reward.

With this first contest, I’m going to give FOUR of you the opportunity to get your banner on John Chow for FREE.

I’m going to keep this fairly simple.

1. A reply to this post counts as ONE entry.

2. A link back from your blog to this thread (trackback) and the eMonetized.com homepage counts as FIVE entries.

Your anchor text and text copy may vary. All that is required is the two links. For example:

Tim Schroeder of eMonetized.com is giving four people the chance to have their own 125 x 125 banner ad shown on John Chow for free. Your can read more about his John Chow Banner Ad Contest Here.

Now this is the easiest contest ever because a simple reply to this post gets you one entry. However, if you take the time to mention this contest on your blog it will significantly increase your chances of winning. I’ll also really appreciate it. You never know, you might find yourself in one of my “In-the-Spotlight” posts. 😉

As an added BONUS for the first 10 linkbacks to this contest from your blog you will get your own 468 x 80 banner rotated on the top page of eMonetized.com for a full month. Just contact me with the link to your banner and url. Remember, I’m getting lots of extra traffic from John Chow so your banner will be seen. Even if you are not one of the first 10 to linkback, you will still get the five extra contest entries for doing so.

This contest will end Wednesday August 29 (specific time to be announced). At the end of this contest I’ll randomly select FOUR winners and announce them on eMonetized. Each of these four winners will get your own 125 x 125 banner shown on John Chow for one day.

How much traffic and how much money will your banner send you? That really depends on how creative you can be with your banner! You can probably expect anywhere from 100 to 300+ clicks on your banner for this free one day ad.

Good Luck and thanks for reading eMonetized.com!


UPDATE: This contest is now OVER and winners will be announced shortly. Thanks to everyone who participated!

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186 Responses to “Sharing the Love: Free John Chow Banner Ad Contest”

  1. Harry Noott

    - 25th Aug, 07 11:08pm

    I am in!

  2. Jon Lee

    - 26th Aug, 07 01:08am

    Nice man, I’m in for this!

  3. Zen Zoomie - (Wannabe Pro Blogger)

    - 26th Aug, 07 02:08am

    Throw my name in the hat plz!

  4. Martin

    - 26th Aug, 07 02:08am

    Heck yea I want that spot!!!

  5. xd1

    - 26th Aug, 07 02:08am

    I’m in too

  6. loldogs

    - 26th Aug, 07 03:08am

    Count me in!

  7. Matt Robison

    - 26th Aug, 07 05:08am

    Sweet. Count me in!

  8. Blogging Mix

    - 26th Aug, 07 06:08am

    I’m replying for 1 entry. Cheers!

  9. Blogging Secret

    - 26th Aug, 07 06:08am

    I love this one, get me in!

  10. Make Money Blogging

    - 26th Aug, 07 08:08am

    Why not!

    Count me in!

  11. Joyce Babu

    - 26th Aug, 07 08:08am

    Wow! That is a very interesting competition. Count me it too. Hope I will be the lucky person 🙂

  12. George

    - 26th Aug, 07 10:08am

    Yes, I had to enter this competition. Good offer.


  13. gsv13

    - 26th Aug, 07 11:08am

    Thanks for correcting me! So there will be four winners for John Chow banner.

  14. Hottest Girl

    - 26th Aug, 07 11:08am

    yeah baby..! I’m all over this one

  15. Simonne

    - 26th Aug, 07 11:08am

    Hey, I don’t believe in the Johm Chow effect, and I don’t want to spend such an amount to check it out, so please, count me in 🙂

  16. Martin

    - 26th Aug, 07 12:08pm

  17. DaveRH

    - 26th Aug, 07 02:08pm

    Brilliant Idea Tim really!

    I’m usually 100% ad blind, I don’t think I’ve ever clicked an ad on JohnChow.com before, but you managed to get me to click over to yours! 🙂

  18. Jason

    - 26th Aug, 07 04:08pm

    Hey! that’s cool! count me in please!

  19. ameyjah

    - 26th Aug, 07 04:08pm

    really, smart way to get john chow efffect. I am in

  20. Clogged Drain

    - 26th Aug, 07 05:08pm

    I would love to enter your content. It is a good idea, but will it be worth it?

  21. Irv

    - 26th Aug, 07 05:08pm

    Count me in! Thanks

  22. Simon's Money Notes

    - 26th Aug, 07 05:08pm

    Hey, I’m in and I’ve done the review which you can check out at http://www.simsnotes.com/2007/08/win-banner-ad-on-john-chow-dot-com.html


  23. Pam Hoffman

    - 26th Aug, 07 05:08pm

    GREAT Idea Tim!

    I’m working on a way to incorporate this into my tight niche for the additional entries…

    Love the John Chow site and now I can learn from you as well!

    Thank You,

    Pam Hoffman

  24. Bloggrrl

    - 26th Aug, 07 05:08pm

    This is a brilliant idea. Clevvver.

  25. Click Input

    - 26th Aug, 07 06:08pm

    Count me in – shame I missed the trackback contest!

  26. Matthew

    - 26th Aug, 07 06:08pm

    looks like a huge contest already, anything surrounding john chow blows up

    throwing my hat in the mix

  27. Tim Schroeder

    - 26th Aug, 07 06:08pm

    Click Input,

    Don’t forget that leaving a trackback will still get you five extra entries in the John Chow Banner Contest.

    Sorry I don’t have the threaded comments plugin on eMonetized yet. I tried it once but it messed up the theme. I’ll get it added soon.

  28. Dave

    - 26th Aug, 07 06:08pm

    Count me in

  29. Tim you can’t do this.. I thought of this before you.. 😆

    Hey boy Tim you are too good man.. I mean this is quite creative.. Hats off to your creativity. This is really a classic example of using John Chow as a linkbait to attract traffic to your site. By the way please add me to the contest.. and hopefully if I win I would also have an opportunity to get on top of John Chow (dot com).. what did you think?

  30. Yogesh

    - 26th Aug, 07 07:08pm

    This is a fantastic idea for a competition, wouldn’t mind getting a free ad spot on JohnChow.com.

  31. Milton

    - 26th Aug, 07 07:08pm

    I think this is a really creative idea that not only gets you more traffic, but more traffic to the people who win the contest as well. Good job! =]

  32. donalyza

    - 26th Aug, 07 08:08pm

    This is such a brilliant idea. Good luck!

  33. Ryan Puusaari

    - 26th Aug, 07 09:08pm

    Here’s entry number 1 for me…

  34. aczafra

    - 26th Aug, 07 09:08pm

    Joining the bandwagon to get the JohnChow effect, count me in!

  35. Sean

    - 26th Aug, 07 09:08pm

    Entry #1 for me.

  36. Rob

    - 26th Aug, 07 09:08pm

    Great Contest! Thank you very much for this interesting opportunity.
    Wish you good luck.
    Will add the two links on my blog with a trackback 😀
    here: http://www.download-agloco.com/2007/08/26/what-a-nice-contest/

  37. Sean

    - 26th Aug, 07 09:08pm

    Trackback @ http://www.obsidianprofile.com/index.php/blog/entry/1188164750

    It’s not showing up here.

  38. sean

    - 26th Aug, 07 10:08pm

    that a great way giveing a way a free space great

  39. CFernandes

    - 27th Aug, 07 01:08am

    I see you are running a contest. You might want to visit the blog on my link. You can submit this contest, in your own words by visiting the link. I am actually advertising with Adwords so you should get decent traffic from this initiative, plus a link to your blog!
    C Fernandes

  40. Data Governance

    - 27th Aug, 07 01:08am

    I’m trying…

  41. Sara

    - 27th Aug, 07 02:08am

    Hi Tim,

    Great contest. I linked from Pajama Professional, but thought I’d reply here just in case the trackback doesn’t work from some reason. Thanks for the great opportunity for advertising!



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