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Avatar Marketing. Does it Work? Case Study 1

Posted on May 23, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

I’ve decided to start some small scale advertising of the new eMonetized blog starting with something known as Avatar marketing. I’ll be sharing the results of some larger scale marketing campaigns (using Review Me etc) later but I want to build up some more posts first.

Avatar marketing is nothing new but is something that really started gaining steam about a year ago. I’ve seen some members rent large amounts of avatars from other members on the hugely popular webmaster forum, Digital Point.

Lately I’ve been curious at just how well this type of marketing works so I’ve started an Avatar Marketing campaign of mine own.

So far, I’ve rented Avatar spots from 12 different Digital Point Forum members for 1 month with a current total post count of 17,286. The total expense to rent avatar spots from these 17,286 posts is $110. The average cost per post comes out to be about a little over .006. I have a couple deals pending which could push the totals a little closer to 20,000+ posts.

Since these Avatars do not link to my website but rather to the members specific profile it won’t help with gaining backlinks or with direct link clickthroughs to this blog. The goal is that the Avatar catches the readers eye, they read it, and type in the domain name listed on the Avatar into their browser. Because of this, tracking the success of an Avatar marketing campaign is difficult. The main way to track the success it by monitoring how well direct, type-in traffic increases. I’m hoping the majority of the members I purchased avatars from remain active so that the avatar is seen in new posts and not just much older posts found through search engine traffic.

Here is the Avatar I am using:

I’ll be updating you in a couple weeks on how well or not-so well my eMonetized Avatar campaign seems to be going.

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6 Responses to “Avatar Marketing. Does it Work? Case Study 1”

  1. depi

    - 24th May, 07 08:05pm

    Hi here is depi from DP.

    So it seems it works 🙂 I’ve seen your avatar in more posts and I like it so I was curious what is this site about.

    Congrats, nice marketing trick.


  2. Tim Schroeder

    - 25th May, 07 01:05am

    Hi Depi! Thanks for dropping by the blog!

    It has only been a couple days since I started the avatar marketing campaign so it’s hard to tell how well it is going so far. I’ll get you updated on the blog.

  3. depi

    - 25th May, 07 06:05am

    Great! I’m looking forward for that post.

  4. Arnie

    - 27th May, 07 04:05am

    I also passed by from DP. Was curious about it and your avatar is eyecatching too.

  5. 7 Marketing School

    - 23rd Jul, 09 09:07am

    Avatar marketing? Is it a new one?LOL!
    well, great post, ill better search for more info about this.


  1. Avatar Marketing Case Study 1 Results - 18th Jun, 07 03:06pm

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