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John Chow Dot Com Banner Ad Raffle

Posted on August 23, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

A humble welcome to all my new John Chow Dot Com Readers.

John Chow was kind enough to drop me an email before his latest theme was released and he gave me the opportunity to purchase a new banner ad spot. Without to much thought I took up his offer and if you are a long time John Chow reader you realize why.

These six 125 x 125 banner ad spots sold out even before the new theme was released. In fact they oversold so he added eight ad spots.

In the last couple days I’ve been thinking how to best utilize this ad space and I have brainstormed a few fairly creative ideas (I’ll be testing a few different ideas). One thing that came to my mind is how most average affiliates unfortunately can’t afford to spend $500 a month for a banner ad on John Chow.

>> UPDATE: I’m going to have to make some changes to this original contest as I didn’t realize that “raffles” are technically only allowed for charitable, nonprofit organizations. Info on some possible new John Chow Ad contests are here.

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11 Responses to “John Chow Dot Com Banner Ad Raffle”

  1. Israel

    - 23rd Aug, 07 11:08pm

    cool out of the box idea. i wont be buying in to the raffle, but it seems like it will win up.

  2. stubsy

    - 23rd Aug, 07 11:08pm

    What happens if you don’t get 20 entries are you still gonna give the spots away?

  3. Tim Schroeder

    - 24th Aug, 07 12:08am

    I am going to need to make some changes to the original contest. I’ll post some new updates tomorrow.

  4. Siva

    - 24th Aug, 07 03:08am

    If you can’t do raffle, you can always sell it for a buck or two for selected person. Just an idea 🙂 Anyway, too late now gotta go…:)

  5. Ashwini

    - 24th Aug, 07 10:08am

    Who wouldn’t want the JC effect? I’mm in.Waitin for details…

  6. Angel - win $100 on my blog

    - 24th Aug, 07 12:08pm

    Better get a move on with this one, huh!

  7. Dev from DailyMoolah

    - 24th Aug, 07 02:08pm

    Very interesting idea mate. You’ve definitely struck gold with the right audience and for the right price too. I’m in!

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  8. MyBlogContest

    - 24th Aug, 07 03:08pm

    $500 a month is not affordable for a small blog. This is a good idea.

  9. CDFnetworks

    - 24th Aug, 07 05:08pm

    Interesting idea to subdivide your ad. With so many ads on his new theme though, will people really pay for 1/4 of a 125×125?

  10. Matt Robison

    - 24th Aug, 07 08:08pm

    Very tempting. Waiting on the details.

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