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Microsoft Adcenter Content Ads Beta

Posted on August 22, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

I received an email yesterday about the release of the new Microsoft Content Ads Beta to all U.S. MSN adCenter advertisers on August 29.

If you already have an adCenter account you won’t have to make any changes. Your ad groups will automatically expand to hybrid distribution, meaning they will distribute to search and content pages.

Adcenter Content Ads will display on Microsoft network website, including MSN Tech & Gadgets, Money, Real Estate, and Windows Marketplace, as well as partner websites. I assume it will be all these networks and partner websites.

You can read more about Microsoft Content Ads here.

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One Response to “Microsoft Adcenter Content Ads Beta”

  1. Yogesh

    - 26th Aug, 07 07:08pm

    They need to expand their offering and start competing with Google Adsense, only then more advertiser would be interested in their offerings.

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