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In-House Affiliate Programs Can Equal Bigger Profits

Posted on August 21, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

There are many advertisers which manage their affiliate programs in-house only. You often will not find these programs by searching through any of the largest affiliate networks. These in-house affiliate programs also have less competition because they are not as well known than those found in the networks.

One example is the Viatalk affiliate program. They sell VoIP which is also know as voice over IP or broadband phone service etc… This particular affiliate program happens to be included in the large Commission Juntion affiliate network but they also run a seperate in-house affiliate program.

What’s the difference? The payout on Commission Junction is $38 per sale while their in-house program pays between $50 and $60 per sale based on volume. That’s a pretty big difference so even if you do find an affiliate offer from a large affiliate network, take a few seconds to make sure they don’t also offer their own in-house program with a higher payout.

How do you find these in-house affiliate programs?

One method is to simply do a search in Google based on the keywords / subject of your website. Browse through the first set of 20 or so websites and look to see if they have an affiliate program or partners link on the site. Sometimes they will ask you to join their affiliate program via an affiliate network, but many times they may be offering an in-house programs. If the website you are looking at is a competitor’s affiliate website, simply visit the merchants they are promoting.

Also take a look at the Google Adwords ads.

The point being is that you can often discover great affiliate programs by just searching in Google and reviewing the websites listed in the natural search engine listings and ad spots.

Don’t rely soley on the large affiliate networks. Some of my most successful affiliate offers in the past have been from in-house affiliate programs that were not found anywhere else.

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2 Responses to “In-House Affiliate Programs Can Equal Bigger Profits”

  1. Marc Eilbeck

    - 28th Aug, 07 07:08am

    nice post Tim. I will keep this in mind!

  2. 7 Marketing School

    - 13th Jul, 09 05:07am

    you said “these in-house affiliate programs also have less competition because they are not as well known than those found in the networks.”

    so, if they are not well known how they can affiliate to others?? how they can earn large profits??

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