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I’m a Mortgage Broker!

Posted on August 20, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

I’m back from my week long Mortgage Broker training class. I’m not officially a mortgage broker yet because I still have to send in the application. It’s a part time side-business my wife and I might slowly work on but I think Affiliate Marketing will always be main main source of income.

I had planned to make several more “In-the-Spotlight” posts last week but we ended up having much less free time than I thought we would have. The instructor gave us homework and a quiz every morning. By the time we finished doing the homework, making flash cards and studying, we were ready for bed! I’ll probably continue posting some In-the-Spotlight posts over the next couple weeks.

It’s good to be back and normal postings will continue.

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5 Responses to “I’m a Mortgage Broker!”

  1. Mike

    - 20th Aug, 07 04:08pm

    Do you need to take an exam?

    I passed my Real Estate Sales Person exam and now want to register for Home Appraiser, Mortgage Broker and Real Estate Salesperson.

    Ultimately, I want to get away from 9-5 office work and focus on affiliate marketing/internet business with Real Estate side business


  2. Tim Schroeder

    - 20th Aug, 07 05:08pm

    Hey Mike,

    Yes, we had to take an exam. The only other way around that is if you have worked under a broker for two years already. We will be licensed in GA (where we are moving). Your strategy sounds like a good one.

  3. Steven

    - 21st Aug, 07 04:08am

    I do real estate too and one of my personal friend got her broker license a few months back too. She hasn’t been very active in doing it until very recently but seems like a decent way to make good money on the side for her.

  4. Marc Eilbeck

    - 21st Aug, 07 01:08pm

    Hey Tim,

    Congrats! are you UK or US based ? because I know the CeMAP tests in the UK a pretty hard.

  5. Ashley

    - 22nd Jul, 08 01:07pm

    Hello Tim,

    Few of my friends are in affiliate marketing and they are making good money. I am also planning to get into this business.

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