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Junk-eMail Is Sometimes Good!

Posted on January 07, 2010 by Tim Schroeder

I got an email today from Amazon titled “PlayStation 3: Top Games of 2009.” The email also links to new future releases which you could try and setup campaigns for so you will be first.

Normally you might consider email like this junkmail. But as an affiliate some of these emails can be really helpful!

Thinking like an affiliate the first thing I thought was “If they are the top 3 games then they probably get the most traffic right!”

While you could try and profit off these games by trying to selling them directly through affiliate links, I think about it a different way.

I consider top games lists and all “top …” 10 lists as great sources/keywords for traffic!

For example with the Google content network, you could setup an separate Adgroups targeting those top games and then use nice image ads for gaming email submit offers. You could also go the “poll” route and setup and landing page listing the top 3 games and let them vote on their favorite. After they submit the answer, they might “win a prize” (to an email submit) or something like that. The poll method has been around awhile.

Just an example but just think outside the box a little.

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2 Responses to “Junk-eMail Is Sometimes Good!”

  1. Philippine call center services

    - 17th Feb, 10 05:02am

    Some websites live off these “top” lists like Cracked. It really is very effective for traffic.

  2. Ovi

    - 1st Mar, 10 01:03am

    You are right Tim. Sometimes It is good but most of the time some email contains some harmful virus which is really bad.

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