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AdBuyer.com Advertising Network Review (www.AdBuyer.com)

Posted on December 07, 2009 by Tim Schroeder

Picture 13This is a  short review/interview of the Adbuyer.com advertising network.

I’ve used Adbuyer off and on this past year and have seen some nice success with some campaigns. It all comes down to testing and tweaking.

My best campaign with Adbuyer this year earned $62,910 off a $51,094 spend. It’s not a huge profit or return on investment but it averaged about an extra $1,000 profit each month and it all adds up. I also use the American Express Plum card which pays me 2% cash back on spend. With more tweaking I could increase those margins.

I met the owners Jessica and her husband in person at Adtech 2009 and they are a great team. If you have any questions about Adbuyer just ask them here or email accounts@adbuyer.com

What Is AdBuyer.com?

AdBuyer.com is a platform that allows marketers to create and optimize campaigns in the major ad exchanges. We connect to the largest ad exchanges to provide access to inventory from Right Media, DoubleClick, AppNexus and OpenX.

Why Should You Work With Adbuyer.com?

We make ad exchange buying easier and more effective. We offer a single platform for campaign creation, results tracking, and reporting, as well as sophisticated analytical tools that help improve your campaign results over time.

What Forms Of Advertising Does Adbuyer.com Accept (CPM + banner sizes), CPC etc)?

We offer CPM advertising across all placements in the 5 major sizes (300×250, 728×90, 160×600, 120×600 and 468×60). We also offer CPC across most placements and CPA to a few clients who are able to demonstrate an effective conversion path after a test of a few thousand dollars.

What Makes Adbuyer Unique?

The ad exchanges are a better way to buy display advertising, used successfully by many of the largest advertisers. We’re trying to make it easier for every marketer to take advantage of the benefits offered by an auction-based environment with a huge amount of liquidity. To do that, we offer two tools that are unique and compelling: Audience Scores and impression-level bidding.

Audience Scores help to find your target audience faster by restricting your campaign to only targeting settings that have worked for marketers like you in the past. For example, targeting a minimum Audience Score of 70 for Education advertisers means that you’re targeting only the top 30% of impressions that we know about. This can include site-targeting, contextual-targeting, and behavioral targeting.

Our impression level bidding makes sure we put the right price on every impression. We measure your campaign to see how well it clicks and converts across a wide variety of placements and targeting options, building a predictive history as we gather data. This lets us vary the price that we pay for each impression, ensuring that we’re always paying the minimum possible for your campaigns. The more we gather data, the richer these models become, encompassing geo-targeting, site-targeting, demographic and behavioral data, time of day, day of week, etc.

What Verticals Would You Suggest Affiliates Getting Started with?

The biggest verticals for us tend to be education, insurance, health & beauty, financial services, and a bit of mobile. But the mix is changing constantly as we have access to so much inventory.

Methods of contact?

You can reach us at accounts@adbuyer.com. We will find the appropriate person to help you get started.

Anything Else You Want To Share?

We’re a startup, and always looking to improve the service, so we’d love feedback from past, present, and future advertisers. We’ve recently launched better creative tools, will be launching better reporting and click-fraud protection shortly, and have more in the works thanks to suggestions from advertisers. Keep them coming!

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Have you used Adbuyer?

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4 Responses to “AdBuyer.com Advertising Network Review (www.AdBuyer.com)”

  1. Jay Martin

    - 13th Dec, 09 07:12am

    Thanks for the recommendation. I’m going to check these guys out. Interesting they buy off the doubleclick network, and other places that are hard to do smaller ad buys!

  2. Casey Watkins

    - 14th Dec, 09 04:12pm

    I will be checking them out tonight. Sounds like I could use them for my sites.

  3. Emilio

    - 4th Jan, 10 04:01am

    Definately a network to check out.

    Thanks for the info.


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