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In the Spotlight: Amit Mehta of Super Affiliate Mindset

Posted on August 13, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

I discover Super Affiliate Mindset written by Amit Mehta about a month ago and the blog has been in my RSS reader ever since.

If there ever is a bloggies award for the most inspirational affiliate marketing blog, I’d have to vote Super Affiliate Mindset as the winner.

While people have different opinions on what defines a “Super Affiliate,” there is no disputing that Amit is one of them. What’s cool about his story is that once he really “got” affiliate marketing he went on to making about $10,000 in affiliate marketing income in just four short months! Today his affiliate marketing websites generate a whopping $90,000+ a month in profits. Hey Amit, lets be friends! 😉

Amit makes in one month about what I make in one year! I’m very pleased with what I have accomplished as an affiliate marketer but he has opened up my horizons to a whole new level.

Amit is one of the main reasons I decided to jump into PPC marketing full steam ahead.

Some of my favorite Super Affiliate Mindset posts include his current series on Why 2% of Affiliates Rake in 95% of the Profits. Also be sure to read Amit’s post about Keyword Research Secrets to Explode Your Affiliate Business.

In case you are wondering, this is not a paid post. I’ve just thoroughly enjoyed reading his new blog. In fact, I have so many questions I’d like to ask him so I’m planning to send him a list of questions via email. If I get a reply, I’ll share the interview with you.

If you have not been reading Super Affiliate Mindset I’d start today. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Keep up the great work Amit!

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10 Responses to “In the Spotlight: Amit Mehta of Super Affiliate Mindset”

  1. Desty

    - 13th Aug, 07 12:08pm

    Yeah, Amit is awesome! Like you said, he’s the inspiration for my getting into affiliate marketing. I haven’t actually started yet, think I’m getting a touch of infomation overload.

  2. TipsyMonkey

    - 13th Aug, 07 04:08pm

    Thanks for bringing this site to my atention, I’ve just been reading it for the past 30 mins straight. Now I’m an RSS subscriber, nice find.

  3. HDTV Reviews

    - 13th Aug, 07 04:08pm

    I found his blog from someone else’s. The thing i dislike about it is his bragging about afternoon naps and travelling all over because he can. I’m sure I be bragging if I was making that much online too though 🙂

  4. Sell your Text Ad On Other Sites

    - 13th Aug, 07 07:08pm

    good to know about an actual story .will be checking it out

  5. OOM

    - 13th Aug, 07 08:08pm

    Yeah, quite interesting, but hard to believe though. Perhaps I’m too obtuse, but making $90,000 in profits is too much. Perhaps $90,000 in sales from which he takes some commissions – that’s more realistic.

  6. Design for MySpace

    - 14th Aug, 07 03:08am

    Amit is quite wonderful. Has always got a thing or two to say about affiliate marketing.

  7. gaman

    - 15th Aug, 07 04:08am

    I think he was one of the presenters in a recent affiliate marketing seminar. Thanks for the link, I am now a subscriber.

  8. online shopping

    - 31st Jul, 08 06:07pm

    Affiliate marketers are often a very different breed and I must say that I seldom get a long with most affiliate marketers. Only because most of them are on a sales drive their entire lives – when they wake up to when they go to sleep, they’re all about selling and sales. Their lives have become consumed with making money and making money FAST. It really does affect their friendships on all levels, and people have to learn balance in this business.

  9. AffiliateMarketing

    - 3rd Oct, 08 03:10am

    Wow!! $90000+ a month? It doesn’t sound practical though. I know a few who can really make 5 figures, but reaching $90000 a month is really really hard.


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