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Is Agloco Going to be a HUGE Flop?

Posted on August 08, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

Several months ago I was one of the hundreds of people to sign-up for Agloco under John Chow.

Incase you are not familar with Aglogo, it’s a new “get paid to surf” network similar to the old All Advantage service.

As of today, I have 73 direct referrals and 102 extended referrals. I never really did much heavy promoting of the program.

The current 175 total referrals in my network puts me in the top 1.96% of all members in the network.

I personally think that when Agloco gets all their server issues sorted out there is potential to to make some short term money. However, long term I’m not so sure. By far, I think the vast majority of Agloco users will make only a few dollars a month if any money at all. Those in the top 1% could make some nice short term money. However, as the other 98% of members in the network end up making pocket change they will begin uninstalling the toolbar and Agloco will die a slow death. I could be wrong.

I kind of have mixed feelings on Agloco leaning towards the negative and I no longer promote the program very much.

Did you jump on the Agloco bandwagon? Do you think the Agloco program has any chance of success?

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6 Responses to “Is Agloco Going to be a HUGE Flop?”

  1. Steven

    - 9th Aug, 07 06:08pm

    In the second paragraph, you accidentally misspelled Agloco as Aglogo. I pretty much gave up on Agloco awhile ago too. I signed up and after trying for a week to get people to sign up (which I know is practically no effort at all on my part), I realize that it just wasn’t worth it. There were too many unanswered questions Agloco left lingering to its users and there were no defined plan on how or when payout was going to be carried out. I had more people asking bombarding me with questions than anything and the headache of trying to make sense of things for everyone wasn’t worth keeping up with getting more subscribers for something that could potentially flop or make very little income if any at all.

  2. Andy

    - 11th Aug, 07 01:08pm

    I agree AGLOCO will be a flop.

    The idea really only strikes a chord with “make money online” types, and John Chow controls this crowd like a puppet master. 🙂

    Regular web-users (or niche blog readers) have very little interest, and without their support it will die a slow painful death.

  3. Marc Eilbeck

    - 11th Aug, 07 02:08pm

    Yeah I signed up for it under johny boy too but I’m gonna uninstall it now I think its a bit annoying when i first boot up and no news on it for months about when we getting paid so I can’t be bothered with it.

  4. Mike

    - 31st Oct, 07 05:10pm

    I agree its will be a flop

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