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An Interview With Chad Frederiksen of CDFnetworks.com

Posted on December 03, 2009 by Tim Schroeder

cdfnetworksI’ve never met Chad Frederiksen in person but I’m a long time reader of his blog at CDFNetworks.com and a big fan of his blog.

If you are not reading his blog yet then you should be. There is a wealth of good information and quality posts so be sure to browse the archives.

You can also follow CDFnetworks of Twitter here.

An Interview With Chad Frederiksen of CDFnetworks.com

1. How did you get started in the industry?

I got started building adsense sites in my spare time while working at my day job back in 2004.  I quickly switched to affiliate marketing with pay per click and things really took off from there.

2. What was your biggest learning experience to date?

Basically, every time I try a go in a new direction with the business it’s a learning experience.  I’ve lost tons of money trying different things but those lessons have contributed to my successes in other areas.

3. What was your biggest success to date?

I had a lot of success very early on.  But I’d say my biggest success has been keeping that momentum going year after year.  As different things stopped working, I have been able to rotate in new profitable areas while continuing to expand.

4. How did you learn the business? (eBooks? Webinars? Membership sites? Freebies? Paid services?)

I’m self-taught.  I’ve never read an eBook or used any paid learning sites.  Everything has been 100% trial and error or just searching for information on the Internet.

5. What do you think is the true value to consumers in affiliate marketing?

I guess the value to consumers is increased visibility of an offer that they might have been interested in.  Also some affiliates add value before the sale by providing more information about the product or service.

6. Do you think sponsored conversations have their place in the industry?

If done in a non-intrusive way, yes.  I don’t have a problem seeing an occasional sponsored tweet from a personal account.  When, it becomes the primary focus, it’s not good.

7. Besides yourself, who do you think is the most valuable resource to the affiliate community?

Honestly, I don’t think any one person is.  I would say Google is the most valuable resource for finding anything you need to know.

8. How do you balance professional v. personal?

Personal time is very important to me.  I like to get outside and exercise every day and spend time with family and friends.  Luckily the nature of my business is that I can work at various times throughout the day and still do what I want, when I want.

9. How often did you check your stats….1 month in? 1 year in? Today?

Usually twice a day, morning and night.

10. If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you?

I’m not sure, the only famous person I have been told I resemble is Wayne Gretzky but he’s not an actor!

11. What are some of the key differences between a ‘super affiliate’ and the veteran, less successful affiliates?

I still have no idea what super affiliate means.  I’d say if you can support yourself with the lifestyle you want (whatever that may be) then you are a success.

12. Is where you are now where you thought you’d be…10 years ago? 5 years ago? A month ago? Why/ why not?

No!  10 years ago, I expected I would be doing research in biology, publishing papers, making big breakthroughs.  That was my goal for after college.

5 years ago I had the new goal to run my own Internet marketing business and that has gone as I hoped, and even better than I expected.

13. Explain affiliate marketing so a child would understand it. *Note- Please don’t just say I make money online. Assume the follow up to that would be ‘How?’

I usually just say it’s getting paid a commission to bring new online customers to a company.


Chad, Thanks for doing the interview with eMonetized.com You can follow Chad Frederiksen on his blog CDFNetworks and on Twitter.

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4 Responses to “An Interview With Chad Frederiksen of CDFnetworks.com”

  1. Casey Watkins

    - 4th Dec, 09 02:12am

    Great interview. The stats question caught me by surprise. I did not think people check that often.

  2. MLDina

    - 7th Dec, 09 08:12pm

    @Casey You’d be surprise how often affiliates check their stats- some are obsessed!

    Great interview series Tim! Loving everyone’s responses.

  3. Kang

    - 21st Dec, 09 02:12am

    @Casey I check my stats MORE than twice a day – and I’m not even making as much money as Chad is so yeah, I’d say it’s an obsession.

    Great interview! Real and down-to-earth.


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