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How I Make Money Blogging

Posted on August 01, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

With so many different ways to make money online, it’s sometime difficult to keep focus and to decide which projects to tackle first. Should I start another blog? Should I continue with my new Direct PPC affiliate marketing experiments? Should I work on a deep content SEOd website? Should I start some landing page PPC experiments? Or how about affiliate marketing with Squidoo, Hub Pages, or Ezine Articles?

While I have not completely decided which new projects to focus on first, I’ve decided to start a little series on different ways I am currently making money online including a sneak peak into several of my websites. I’ll also talk about up and coming projects I eventually plan to work on.

I’ll start the series with blogging.


Blogging is one of the quickest ways for a beginner to begin earning small amounts of money online. By small amounts, I mean a few hundred dollars a month in revenue. You can by all means make thousands of dollars a month from one blog but that’s not the norm. That takes experience, finding the right niche, a lot of hard work and sometimes a little luck.

On the other hand, creating a blog that makes a couple hundred dollars a month is not very difficult to achieve. If you can do this and repeat the process on a few additional blogs you’ll be bringing in a couple thousand dollars a month before you know it. You don’t have the time? That’s where outsourcing comes into play. One place I’ve used often is Rent A Coder.

The only other active blog I currently own is this Personal Finance Blog. The posts on this blog are almost 100% outsourced at the moment. The blog makes about $750 a month through Text Link Ads, affiliate programs such as Emigrant Direct and Adsense after expenses. That’s not a huge amount of money but it requires very little of my time. I believe I could bring the income on this blog up to around $1000 to $1,500 a month with some additional work. The blog needs better SEO with the use of the nofollow tag on certain links etc. Many of the pages have also gone supplemental because of poor overall page structure. I also had planned to add a new resources section with CPA affiliate offers. I could also use those resource pages in PPC marketing.

I also have SEO Outline, and the Webmaster-Talk Blog sitting around but have not done much with them yet.

About a month ago, I began buying any decent Alli Diet Pill related domains that were left and I picked up: AlliPill.net, AlliShop.net, AlliStore.net, DietPillAlli.net, LowCostAlli.net, MyAlliPlan.net, Buy-Alli-Online.com and Alli-Blog.com

I think the Alli Blog will be my next blogging project because of the current hotness and trends of the new pill.

What other blog projects were /may still be in the works?

In the past I was considering starting a small “HelpYour…” blog network so I purchased the following domains:

HelpYourMoney.com – Active. The personal finance blog I mentioned above.

HelpYourPC.net – Active. But a scraper site picked up the content and screwed things up at the moment.

HelpYourPoker.com – Not Active. Blog for poker tips and tricks.

HelpYourSavings.com – Not Active. Blog for tips on saving and growing you money.

HelpYourTravel.com – Not Active. Blog for travel tips deals.

As you can see, just in the blogging category of making money online, there is an aweful lot of work I have planned and an aweful lot of money to be made.

Do You Make Money Blogging? How is it going for you?

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18 Responses to “How I Make Money Blogging”

  1. TipsyMonkey

    - 1st Aug, 07 05:08pm

    I make no money from my blog (maybe because I only opened it up to the public today!) but hopefully that will change in 6 months time when I’m more established. How long you wait until you monetize your sites, do you have a certain goal or timeframe?

    Hope your planned sites go well, it must be a lot of work, I struggle to fit everything I want to do for one site into the day, can’t imagine looking after 5+ sites.

  2. Erik Karey

    - 1st Aug, 07 05:08pm

    It’s nice to see you outlining your different projects and how you’ve gone about making some money. I feel that blog networks are a definite money maker as long as you can find cheap decent quality writers to write for you. Posting on all the blogs yourself is a lot of work and for many people too much work. I think managing a blog network is definitely a good place to earn money online.

  3. Tim Schroeder

    - 1st Aug, 07 05:08pm


    I usually begin monetizing the blogs almost immediately. You can get away with more monetization if your blog is not targeting webmaster who know what’s going on. 😉 Just don’t overdue things.

    In your case, I’d recommend focusing on a narrower tips niche instead of such a broad topic. Also focus on the SEO, content and getting links into the blog. One of the most simple ways to make money is by selling text links and generally you can get a higher price if you have a higher Google Page Rank.

    Erik Karey,

    Thanks for the comment. Yes. There is no way I’d have the time to write to each of those blogs so outsourcing is a must. I’ve found some great writers and pay them between $5 to $7 per post.

    I have a hard enough time finding enough time to blog on this eMonetized blog but I don’t do outsourcing here.

  4. TipsyMonkey

    - 1st Aug, 07 06:08pm

    Thanks for checking out my site Tim. Yes, I did think of focusing on a narrower niche but I’m not an expert in any one field and so I thought I’d make a ‘jack of all trade’ website. I’m undecided what to do now.

  5. Matt Houldsworth

    - 1st Aug, 07 07:08pm

    Nice article, you are right earning from a blog is all about the niche and finding the right niche, but also I would add a couple of other points, firstly and most importantly it must be an area that you are either and hopefully both knowledgeable and interested in, that will help you write original, useful and interesting content that is going to attract the visitors who will in the end generate your income.

    A lesson I have recently learnt it is also about carefully matching up the affiliate, text link service or adverts to the niche of your site carefully, the users on your blog or site are interested in the subject of that site and are therefore more likely to click on adverts, links or affiliate product adverts that relate directly to that subject rather than more general adverts.

    Great work, look forward to reading more from your blog.

    Matt Houldsworth

  6. Joey

    - 1st Aug, 07 10:08pm

    I am looking forward to this series. These are the types of posts outside of my niche (baseball cards) that I really like. What will be the next topic for the series? If you are taking suggestions, put me down for PPC Affialiate methods.

  7. Marc Eilbeck

    - 2nd Aug, 07 09:08pm

    I make most of my money through affiliate marketing and not through blogging. I think Lack of PR holds you back when blogging, so as soon as I get some page rank I think things will pickup a bit

  8. 45n5

    - 3rd Aug, 07 04:08pm

    “The posts on this blog are almost 100% outsourced at the moment.”

    any tips on doing this? how much to pay, how do you make sure somebody doesn’t just start your own blog and start competing, would it better to partner? where do you find the ghost writers? etc.


  9. Angel

    - 4th Aug, 07 05:08am

    When you outsource for content, how do you guarantee that you are getting original content?

  10. Tim Schroeder

    - 4th Aug, 07 12:08pm


    I pay anywhere between $4 to $7 per post depending on the writer, quality of posts and required length of post. You can’t really prevent someone else from starting a similar blog. Partnerships could work but you obviously would have to split profits and have the problem of one of the partners not putting in equal efforts so I personally would usually avoid them.

    I find ghost writers via freelancer websites. See this post of mine for a list of websites for finding freelance writers.


    First make sure you make it clear that the articles must be original and free from plagiarism. With many freelance websites, you pay only after reviewing the content. You can use CopyScape.com to give you a better idea if large parts of the article was copied.

  11. 45n5

    - 5th Aug, 07 06:08pm

    thanks for the tips and the link to your other post.

  12. carl

    - 6th Aug, 07 03:08pm

    Great post. Thanks for being transparent.

    I don’t know if you can (will) tell but what is your Adsense rpc for the finance site?

    And I think the “What Do You Think? Leave A Reply ( I DoFollow! )” tag is a great idea. I am going to add the same.

  13. gaman

    - 7th Aug, 07 03:08pm

    This is a great post, exactly what I am planning to do. I am trying to outsource more and you just gave me some ideas.

  14. Websites makes money

    - 21st Aug, 07 09:08am

    Good information, really, a good transparent article. I personally think you need to have patience for it and I am kind of lacking patience 🙁

  15. Matt

    - 31st Aug, 07 11:08am

    I have been blogging for quite some time, mostly for the love of it. Earning has been almost accidental.

    I had one blog parodying a notorious Aussie politician that received a lot of traffic for a while, and had a few affiliate links on it. I think I made about a grand from that.

    I have made some affiliate income off other blogs, but just a trickle. Challenge now is to take the luck element out of this process and actually maximise my earnings. I recently realized I had several blogs of at least PR 3, so that’s a start!

    Encouraging to know that you make a good income from your blogs. The network idea is a good one. Something to think about!

  16. debashish

    - 12th Feb, 08 04:02pm

    Hi I have a blog writing randomly whatever i want…but i wanna make a a niche blog…which field/topic shall i choose to make the most out it..?


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