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The Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Forums

Posted on July 27, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

Are you out of ideas? Are you struggling to make money online?

I’d start with adding eMonetized to you RSS feed and reading through my archives. Then head on over to your favorite affiliate marketing forum!

Affiliate marketing forums can be an incredible source for learning the ropes on affiliate marketing and as a great source of inspiration. One word of caution is that you can easily and quickly end up spending hours a day reading various topics so set a certain time and amount of time for each day for further education. You need to spend the most time working on YOUR affiliate marketing business and not reading about someone else’s.

Here is a List of my Top 10 Recommended Affiliate Marketing Forums in Order of Total Members:

1. SitePoint Forums:

Members: 189,447 | Threads: 468,229 | Posts: 3,417,528
My Take: The SitePoint forum is most known for its coding forums and marketplace, not for its affiliate marketing section. Nevertheless, because of the sheer amount of members they have, you will still find some great discussion going on in the affiliate marketing section.

2. Digital Point:
Members: 86,121 | Threads: 398,490 | Posts: 3,807,002
My Take: This is the most active of all affiliate marketing forums. However, the forums are almost too busy and threads are buried quickly. You can find some really great tips but you will have to sort through many sub-par posts to find them.

3. Warrior Forum:
Members: 54,571 | Posts: 742,805
My Take: This is the best forum for discussions on informational product affiliate marketing such as Clickbank books.

4. A Best Web:
Members: 35,567 | Threads: 72,546 | Posts: 647,777
My Take: ABestWeb has by far the most affiliate network specific forums so if you are looking for support with a particular program that’s listed, this could be a good place.

5. eWealth:
Members: 20,000 | Threads: ? | Posts: ?
My Take: I’ve never used this forum. The ClickBank section seems the most active.

6. Associate Programs Forum:

Members: 15,068, | Posts: 8,1934
My Take: Owned by affiliate marketing veteran Allan Gardyne. Great for beginner and intermediate tips and help.

7. Revenue Source:
Members: 14,982 | Threads: 68,250 | Posts: 102,995
My Take: I’ve never used this forum but it looks like it is doing well.

8. Wicked Fire:
Threads: 13,951 | Posts: 181,920 | Members: 11,152
My Take: This forum has the most creative ideas and blackhat methods of making quick money online. However, you will have to put up with the non-professional atmosphere. It seems the more you can curse on the forum, the more respect you get. The members have a low tolerance for newbies.

9. Earners Forum:
Members: 8,115 | Threads: 15,007 | Posts: 108,035
My Take: Great looking affiliate marketing forum owned by Lee Dodd. The forums have long term potential but recent activity has slowed. I have no doubt that Lee will get the forums flourishing again.

10. 5 Star Affiliate Marketing Forum:
Members: 3,977 | Threads: 5,984 | Posts: 19,351
My Take: Owner Linda Buquet is always around to help. The forums don’t have a large amount of activity but is a worthwhile forum to consider.

Do you have a favorite affiliate marketing forum? Please share it below!

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21 Responses to “The Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Forums”

  1. Great list of forums!

    One forum which I used to hang around a lot in is WhyDoWork Forum It is a place I learn about making money online. Also brought be some good traffic earlier on.

  2. Chris Sanderson

    - 27th Jul, 07 05:07pm

    Thanks for the list Tim, there’s a couple there that I’ve not come across before and will need to check out. Though Revenue Source is barely a forum now days, more an automated posting system from RSS feeds. You might want to add affiliatemanager.net, closed forum for Aff managers and OPMs, and a4uforum.com , the largest forum in the UK.

  3. Tim Schroeder

    - 27th Jul, 07 05:07pm

    Thanks Wang Internet and Chris. I’m sure I left a few out so thanks for the links to the others.

  4. Linda Buquet

    - 27th Jul, 07 05:07pm

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for mentioning 5 Star.

  5. Debt Free For Free

    - 29th Jul, 07 03:07am

    Excellent list. I am going to check all of these out for sure! I am quite familiar with Warriors having been a member since the dawn of time as well as Site Point, Digital Point, A Best Web, and Associate Programs.

    Two more forums I have found useful are “Anthony Blake’s Forum” and “Michael Green’s How To Forum”.

  6. Community Building Blog

    - 29th Jul, 07 04:07pm

    I would add http://www.affiliates4u.com/ for anyone in the UK – an amazing resource.

    – Martin Reed

  7. John Davut

    - 25th Feb, 08 02:02pm

    Great links mate. Forums are sure the best way to get honest information. When i built my site i got a lot of help from warrior forum.

  8. Writing Ebooks

    - 28th Mar, 08 09:03pm

    Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been looking for a list of affiliate forums.

  9. Jay | Wealthy Affiliate Insider

    - 10th Apr, 08 01:04am

    I particularly like Russell Bronson’s Conquer Your Niche Forum. Been a member since 2006. I’m regular forum however is the Wealthy Affiliate forum.

    I think Linda Buquet’s 5 Star Affililate forum is one of the best out there as well. Not a big fan of Wicked Fire though – My take.

  10. xmcp123

    - 31st Jul, 08 01:07am

    I will point out that I hardly cuss(though I do occasionally) and I am a mod at WF. But yeah, it’s not for everyone.

  11. nickycakes

    - 31st Jul, 08 07:07pm

    lol….digital point? 5 star affiliate forum? warrior forum? more like places to go if you never want to make money online ever.

  12. pyrmont

    - 16th Aug, 08 08:08am

    Interesting List Thank You.

  13. SEO Tools

    - 19th Dec, 08 09:12am

    Really great resources. I believe most of these forums are dofollow…


  14. thomasamman

    - 30th Mar, 09 06:03pm

    great list of forums i wasn’t really aware of some so i’ll go check them out now and one more thing check out this some random review i found about this affiliate marketing product that i think is cool
    its here: quick income truth

  15. online profits

    - 12th Jun, 09 04:06pm

    great lists, I’ll check them out.
    thanks for the infomation.

  16. newmembersforutoo

    - 18th Nov, 09 01:11pm

    I just wanted to say Hi because this is the first time I am ever posting on a forum. I do not know if this is allowed or not to post here, but I hope I won’t be banned from me. So be happy for me that I finally achieved posting on a forum after many years of neglect!

  17. fareed@smashblogtips

    - 16th Jun, 10 08:06am

    nice Forum list, thank you

  18. Barry

    - 9th Aug, 10 07:08pm

    Thanks for the heads up Tim. I’m new to affiliate marketing and recently learned that forums can be a great way of generating traffic to my website. I’m going to have a look at some of these and see which ones I’m more comfortable with before joining.

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