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Who Is Filing Bankruptcy? Stats For Your Affiliate Campaigns.

Posted on November 24, 2009 by Tim Schroeder

Demographic Stats. They can make or break your next affiliate campaign.

How can you use this data on Who Is Filing Bankruptcy?

1. Bankruptcy Campaigns 2. Payday Loans 3. Low/No Credit Credit Card Offers

and a lot more. Think about it!

Highest Converters:

Education: High School/GED Followed By Some College
Gender: Slight edge for males.
Income: Less than 20k. 60% make less than 30k
Employment: 63% are employed.
Age: 35-44 is the sweet spot.
Ethnicity: 73% are white.

So try a test to those with only a High School GED who are employed white males between 35-44 making less than 20k-30k and see what happens.

Who Is Filing Bankruptcy Stats. Click On Image For A Full Size From FancyStats.com

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One Response to “Who Is Filing Bankruptcy? Stats For Your Affiliate Campaigns.”

  1. LukePeerFly

    - 25th Nov, 09 06:11am

    Wow. Those are some very interesting stats. If accurate I can see how they can really help campaign targeting. I will be sharing this with my pubs 🙂

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