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Thinking Outside the Box with Joint Ventures

Posted on July 25, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

Creating joint ventures with other website owners is nothing new. However, I believe there are many ways joint ventures are underutilized.

Here are two examples:

Joint Ventures on Thank You pages:

Approach another website owner offering a relevant non-competing product or service. Then ask them if they are interested in trading a short paragraph or two via each others “thank you” pages. By “thank you” pages, I am referring to the webpage you take them to after they purchase your product or service or complete a certain task on your website.

One of you has already sold your product or service before suggesting they might be interested in your partner’s website. Of course you will want to make sure the website you are offering a joint venture with gets sufficient traffic in order to make the trade worthwhile.

Joint Ventures via Email Lists:

I currently own the WebmasterLead.com Webmaster Directory. Whenever someone submits their website for inclusion in my directory they get an email thanking them for the submission and then they get another email if I approve or reject their link.

In addition to pitching some of my other websites in both these emails that are sent out, I also have a partnership with another web directory. Every time a new link is submitted to my web directory, the email sent to them includes a little blurb saying something like “Looking for more links? You may also be interested in submitting your website to the Alive Directory” and provide a link to his website.

The bottom line is that you should make sure you utilize your “Thank You” pages and registration emails to their full extent. Often times you have nothing to lose with the right joint venture and a lot of new traffic and leads to gain.

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