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New John Chow Site-Target Ads

Posted on July 17, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

About a week ago I started a new round of John Chow site targeted ads.

In case you missed my Being Creative + Google Adwords Site Targeting post, I’ve done this type of advertising before.

John Chow seems to get most of the credit for being first at this although he started his campaign on Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger after my “I Love John Chow” campaign on his website. That’s ok though because I can’t really say for a fact that I was really the “first” with the idea. I doubt I was. Most ideas are not copyright and if you see an idea that works then you should try to replicate their success. It happens in affiliate marketing all the time.

Back on topic, his results where similar to mine. Darren ended up writing a blog post about the John Chow ads. I think at present, Darren decided to block the site-targeted ads for some reason.

My past Adwords Site-Targeted ads on John Chow were for my webmaster forum. This new batch I’ve started are for this eMonetized blog. I plan to begin monetizing this blog shortly with Adsense so that he can Site-Target IM me back.

I did not really do a whole lot of brainstorming to try and come up with something unique but here are the two ads I’ve used so far:

John Chow, I’m Back
in Black. I hit the Sack. It’s been
too Long. I’m glad to be Back.

CTR: 1.40%
COST: $33.15

At an overall cost-per-click of about .14, I’d say it’s one of the most successful forms of advertising I’ve done yet for eMonetized.

This ad had an really high initial CTR. If you run the same ad to long the CTR will obviously start to lower. A huge amount of his traffic comes from repeat visitors. The ad copy itself is kind of strange. I had that AC/DC Back in Black song in my head for some reason. I wanted to tell John Chow that I was “back” to advertising on his website. And the eMonetized website is somewhat “black” (hence the “in black”). Thus the song lyrics worked pretty well I guess. The ad above is now paused and I’m running the following new one:

Hi John Chow. Please,
Please, Please, Please Review Me!
Pretty Please? With Sugar on top?

CTR: 5.73%

This ad is very new but again, the initial CTR is high. This ad is meant to be humorous but if John is in a good enough mood, maybe, just maybe he might review me or mention this post!

It might be a long shot but maybe I can help convince him… 😉

John Chow,

Please review eMonetized.com for the following reasons:

1. Because I Love You. Your Blog that is. 🙂

2. Because I asked nicely and even with “sugar on top.”

3. Because I can’t spell and realized just now that I wrote “sugar” as “surger” in the ad that’s been live a few days. But I DID get your name right.

4. Because you can show the world that even though you are “evil” that you are still not the devil.

5. Because I’ve been a long time advertiser on your John Chow website.

6. Because I’m crazy enough to ask for a free review.

7. Because I’ve given you a backlink (not that you need anymore).

8. Because this post will probably send you several new site-targeted advertisers which equals more money for you.

So what do you think my odds are? 🙂

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8 Responses to “New John Chow Site-Target Ads”

  1. Dallas Web Design

    - 17th Jul, 07 07:07pm

    That’s awesome! You will have to post what kind of rss increase you have seen from that. I guess it’s kind of hard to attribute to those ads but it could be assumed if there’s an unusually large increase recently.

  2. Matt Jones

    - 17th Jul, 07 07:07pm

    You might get a mention for asking with so much gusto, but John has mentioned a blogger who begged for $1000 before. You could make an Adwords ad asking his readers to vote that he should review you for free, perhaps something like this:

    “200 Votes from you and John Chow
    Must review me!”

  3. robert

    - 17th Jul, 07 10:07pm

    You spelt sugar wrong, you put “surger”. Now please give me a backlink for stopping you looking silly by having a typo in your add.
    http://www.robertmakesmoney.com 😉

  4. Tim Schroeder

    - 18th Jul, 07 04:07pm

    Robert, I know. I mentioned the typo in my post (see #3).

  5. Community Building Blog

    - 20th Jul, 07 04:07pm

    I love the way you have taken what is now an old idea and reinvented it! I love the humour in these new ads and have no doubt that is the reason behind your high click-through rates.

    – Martin Reed

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