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Choose a Niche. Get It Right. First.

Posted on November 19, 2009 by Tim Schroeder

Are You Focusing On Too Many Niches or Verticals At Once?

I find that one thing that holds many affiliate back is that they simply try to conquer too many verticals at once. I often have a problem trying to stay focused in particular vertical myself even if I’ve had big success with it in the past.

Right now I’m focusing on three main verticals. One of the newer verticals I’m working on is online dating. Now I’ve done some dating offers over the years but never really stayed focused with it even though I knew there was a ton of money to be made with it. Online dating has been around for ages and it’s not one of those verticals that is going to come and go. Sure, it’s pretty competitive but don’t just focus on the U.S.. Think international.

I’ll sometimes be logging into an affiliate network and see a new offer I want to test in a totally different vertical that I’ve never tried before. I quickly test it without doing proper market research and without really even understanding how to make the most money in that vertical. Lots of times I lose money on it. I waste time.

Point being, is to choose a vertical and keep pushing it until you GET IT RIGHT. Once you pull a profit continue to scale that vertical it in every way possible (PPC, Media Buys, Direct Advertising, Facebook and Social Media ads, and even PPV). Even try setting up a seo/content site such as my dating reviews website. I outsource just about the entire thing so it didn’t take too much of my time. Once your killing it, then move on to the next vertical.

Sure, you might test a vertical that simply is just not working for you. But how hard did you really try? Did you test different ad copies, different banners, different landing pages, do demographic research, compare competitors?

All so often I here affiliates say “this or that vertical is dead” or “I tried it. It doesn’t work.”

They all work. Pick a couple. Get them to work and then move on.

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One Response to “Choose a Niche. Get It Right. First.”

  1. Steve

    - 20th Nov, 09 12:11am

    I still think the acai berry stuff is over. I used to make money but the search engines will not provide traffic to any site with a free acai berry offer for very long.

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