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Who Else Wants a Free Name Squeeze Page Script!

Posted on July 11, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

A Name Squeeze page uses a script that opens up something similar to a pop-up on your sales page. Your sales page loads first, followed by a floating/overlay box which includes your opt-in email form or some other call to action.

Creating email opt-in forms in pop-ups is nothing new, but because the Name Squeeze overlay box is an on-page HTML element, it is usually not blocked by anti-popup software which is now widely used. Many pay-per-click engines also allow the Name Squeeze technique to be used while they don’t allow pop-ups on your landing page.

At this point you still may be confused at just how these Name Squeeze pages actually work so I’ve setup a sample name squeeze page on eMonetized.com. See here: http://www.emonetized.com/NameSqueeze/squeeze/

To make an effective name squeeze page, you will want to offer information that interests your readers and makes them want to be directed to more information, or to receive information via email. They are not appropriate for every type of website.

You will want to spruce up the squeeze page by writing compelling text on what are you offering and why they should give you their email or take a particular action. You may also want to add a nice image or two, a signature and a no-spam policy (i.e. I hate SPAM. I will never sell or rent your information…).

Rather than posting all the code for the Name Script here in this post, you can Click Here to Download a Free Copy of the Name Squeeze Script I used (limited time free download).

The only three files you will need to edit are index.html, squeezepage.html and thankyou.html. You may also need to make sure all the directory paths are correct.

Ideally you are only going to want to show the NameSqueeze to each visitor only once so you will want to modify the code in some way to use cookies.

Consider using your name squeeze page in combination with an auto-responder script or service. I personally use and recommend Aweber. If you didn’t want to bother setting up your own scripts, they offer a web form generator which includes a floating popup generator which works in a similar way.

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