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Hydra Affiliate Network “Quietly” Closes Publisher Referral Program

Posted on November 19, 2009 by Tim Schroeder

I have not been working with the Hydra Affiliate Network recently but several days ago I was logging-in to see what might new and see if any of my 50+ affiliate referrals happened to actually be making any money.

I thought it was strange that I didn’t see the usual list of referrals I had sent to their network in the lower left part of their sidebar. Initially I thought they just moved things around but I still couldn’t find anything.

So, I tried to contact Hydra Network

1. First I emailed them via their contact form to ask them what happened to their affiliate referral program. There was NO response.

2. A couple days later I sent an email response to an email I received from Hydra Network about their latest offers. There was NO response.

3. A day or two later I used their contact form again trying to find out what happened.

This time I put something like “I thought I would try a second time to see what happened with your affiliate referral program and if they notified their affiliates…

Alright! I actually got a response the third time around and it went like this:

Hi Tim,

We are no longer offering the Affiliate Referral Program, we are working on a new program.

If you were part of the program, you will receive credit up to October. Yes, there was a message in each account.

Hope that helps.

Now I perfectly understand if a network needs to close their publisher referral program or reduce the percentages. I know for a fact that some affiliate networks are facing tough times with all the Google changes and for other reasons. Not all of them. Some grew REALLY fast during the past few years. They upgraded offices. They hired a ton of new employees. I’m not trying to imply that most all of them are struggling or about to go out of business. All I’m saying is that I suspect that many of them (at the moment) are not doing nearly as well as they were a few years ago.

I Have Nothing Personally Against Hydra Network and There Are A Lot Of Things I Like About Them. BUT…

It just kind of irked me that it took me three times before they responded to my question. That they didn’t email all their publishers about the change as far as I’m aware. They instead apparently put a “message in each account.” I know I could have just picked up the phone and called them for an immediate response. I just prefer email for the paper trail.

I don’t know when or where they actually put this message (can someone help?) but I sure as heck never saw it nor can I still find this message anywhere on their website at this time. So I guess I just logged in on the wrong day huh? Maybe it’s on their Hydra news page somewhere but there are so many other updates on that page I couldn’t find it and I doubt anyone else will.

It’s actually NOT a big deal to me that they closed their 5% publisher referral program. I’ve barely worked with the Hydra Affiliate Network all year. I only had about 50 or so referrals and they were not making me more than a couple dollars a month if that.

I thought I would still make a post here for those of you not aware of the change because they didn’t really communicate this with the pubs very well. This might be really old news for some of you but it was new to me.

Your thoughts?

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2 Responses to “Hydra Affiliate Network “Quietly” Closes Publisher Referral Program”

  1. Kang

    - 26th Nov, 09 08:11am

    Ah thanks for the headsup, I didn’t know they stopped their referral program either.

    I stumbled upon your blog with the terms “hydra referral program” by the way 🙂

  2. Lex

    - 26th Jun, 10 08:06pm

    I guess for most affiliate networks there comes a point where it is more lucrative to just stop paying 5% on probably half the sales than gaining a few more affiliates from referrals every month. The practice of just closing down programs makes the whole thing really unattractive for me. Imagine all the effort you could invest to refer new affiliates and then a network just closes the program and there you are with nothing left.. no thanks.

    By the way, thanks for the post. Stumbled over it same way as Kang 😉

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