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AuctionAds Affiliate Performance Update

Posted on July 10, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

In my previous AuctionAds Review I talked about some of the good and not-so-good aspects of the program.

The only place I have been experimenting with AuctionAds is in a few sections of my webmaster forum and also with the small section on this blogs sidebar.

Here is how AuctionAds has performed for me from 06/12 to 07/10:

Total Impressions: 53,194

Total Clicks: 930

Total CTR: 1.72%

Total Earnings: $3.53 (+$10 in signup bonuses)

That’s an average of .003 per click. Yes, that’s less than half a penny per click!

This goes to show that AuctionAds performance numbers will differ greatly based on volume of traffic and most importantly the niche of website.

The AuctionAds program probably does fairly well for many product related websites but is probably not the greatest match for a webmaster related website unless you are looking for referrals. That’s pretty much common sense. Nevertheless, I still wanted to test it out on Webmaster-Talk.com to see what would happen. I did gain 5 referrals out of the test. 🙂

This post is not intended to bash AuctionAds because it’s still a nice money maker for some publishers. I’m just giving you my numbers.

For example, AuctionAds Earned BIG for Zac Johnson in June. However, he also was able to send 10 MILLION impressions and still averaged just .03 per click. I guess if you consider it an “additional revenue stream ON TOP of adsense, cpm banners and cpa offers” that’s a whole lot better than nothing. Then again, can’t you find something else to put into that spot that averages more than 3 cents a click?

If you take the time to also read though this long Digital Point Thread you will find a lot of mixed opinions, mostly leaning towards the negative.

The AuctionAds program is still fairly new and I have no doubt some much needed improvements will be made. I’m not completely counting them out just yet.

Click Here to Visit the AuctionAds Website.

Have you used AuctionAds? How did it go for you?

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10 Responses to “AuctionAds Affiliate Performance Update”

  1. James Pegram

    - 10th Jul, 07 06:07pm

    I posted a couple of days ago about their performance taking me surprise (only because I forgot about them). After working them a little more I can’t say I’m seeing results that are much better than what you’ve shown. It’s great for Zac but that can be true for any program when you have that much traffic (think Adsense paying .03 per click). I’m going to let them ride the duration of the month, then see where they are at before reassessing them.

  2. Matt Jones

    - 10th Jul, 07 06:07pm

    53,194 made less than $4!… Thats really bad, thanks for doing this experiement for us!

  3. Zac Johnson

    - 10th Jul, 07 10:07pm

    Thanks for the link back and posting. AuctionAds can be very frustrating with earnings, especially on how it tracks. I see many $30-$60 days… then random $150 days out of no where. Try switching in some new search results and also try targeting to higher prices items. These may help improve your earnings.

  4. Erik Karey

    - 11th Jul, 07 02:07pm

    I’ve found AuctionAds pretty frustrating. I’ve been able to get my CTR near 3% and made nearly nothing off of it.

  5. Bloggrrl

    - 11th Jul, 07 11:07pm

    Thanks for doing the math. I haven’t tried them, and based on your report, I don’t think I will, especially since my site is geared towards bloggers looking for a good time as opposed to any commercial product. Very useful post!

  6. Socialman

    - 12th Jul, 07 03:07pm

    What Zac fails to calculate is how many readers he loses by displaying the ads. Disruptive or irrelevant advertising can take it’s toll on returning visitors.

    Has anyone noticed losing readers by packing their blog/site with ads?

    I know I have.

  7. Zac Johnson

    - 12th Jul, 07 07:07pm

    Socialman, I do not run AuctionAds on my blog (nor any other ads). Since I have not tested advertising on Blogs, I can not talk of how it affects user experience or if it makes them leave. I mainly use AuctionAds on general audience/traffic web sites.

  8. Socialman

    - 13th Jul, 07 12:07am

    Zac my apologies if this sounded personal. My remark was that generally marketeers and webmasters fail to calculate the effect of advertising for their brand. If you are very popular the effect might be mild. If you are however small and growing it might not be the best way forward.

    All I am saying is that sometimes the advertising dollar gained might not be so profitable after all.

  9. Andy

    - 13th Jul, 07 04:07am

    Interesting..I just read a post by Allen Stern on centernetworks.com about making $35 in June off a single AuctionAds box.

    He was promoting the iPhone though so it could all depend on buzz.

    I’m wondering whether this will be a good idea for sites other than blogs (such as my SMS site). What do you think?


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