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How To Automatically Promote Affiliate Products on FaceBook and Twitter

Posted on November 17, 2009 by Garry Conn - Contributing Writer

Being an affiliate marketer can be difficult at times. And as you know, every so often, there are many challenging things that can happen. Reflecting on that, and in my opinion, two of my most challenging elements of being an affiliate marketer is with properly managing my time and with broadening and increasing my marketing reach.

In other words, when I am actively marketing, pitching, and promoting various affiliate products and services, I want to reach out to the most amount of targeted people as I can with the least amount of time invested. That makes sense, right? And as you may suspect, a mailing list is a great tool to use towards achieving that. However, successful affiliate marketers know that there’s more to it than just having a good list. Once again, I am not discounting the value or merit of having a great mailing list, but rather, I am aiming to help you see that having a mailing list isn’t the only option available to you.

With that being said, wouldn’t marketing, pitching, and promoting affiliate products and services in places like FaceBook and Twitter seems effective? If you think about it for a moment, FaceBook at Twitter are both networks that allow you to custom shape and mold the type of people you follow and who follow you. In many cases, and with a little trial and error, users can even figure out ways to automatically add and follow other users within these networks. We can take a closer look at that in the near future.

But even if you don’t go so far as to figure out ways to automatically add friends or invest into software that does it for you, using social networks to shape and mold a digital identity that correlates with the products and services you want to sell is very strong possibility. And to be quite honestly, this is actively being done successfully by hundreds, if not thousands, of affiliate marketers.

The other half to marketing affiliate products within social networks, such as FaceBook and Twitter, is to figure out ways to do it automatically. Once again, and in my opinion, my most challenging aspect of being an affiliate marketer is with managing my time and reaching out to as many targeted people as possible. The other other part to look at is how can you broadcast affiliate products into social networks automatically, or at a minimum with the least amount of time invested? To help you get started, here is a simple way to automatically promote affiliate products on FaceBook and Twitter at the same time.

Create a Free Account With TwitterMail.com

First thing you need to do is create a free account at TwitterMail.com. Once your account is created, use a text editor offline to create a list of Tweets that you’d like to have posted on your Twitter page that promote affiliate products you recommend. For Windows users, I suggest using TextPad and Mac users, I suggest using TextWrangler. The reason I suggest these two programs is because they keep track of your character count. Remember, on Twitter, you can only use 140 characters, or less. Once you have your list of Tweets created then I suggest figuring out the posting interval.

The posting interval, or rather “posting frequency” will vary depending your past posting trends. In other words, if you have been averaging around three Tweets and three FaceBook status updates per day, then it might not be a good idea to start posting ten or more updates automatically. If you want to increase the posting frequency, then do it gradually. Otherwise, people will take notice to this and clearly assume that you’re spamming the network.

Also, when you create your list, it’s very important to load your list with non-marketing or space-filler Tweets. Make things up and be creative. You can say anything you want. It might even be effective to plant some seeds for some of the products and services that you’ll be Tweeting next.

After you have completed your list offline and have figured out the posting frequency, it’s time to start sending email to your special TwitterMail.com address. TwitterMail.com offers a scheduled post feature, and using it is very simple. All you have to do is use the subject line to tell TwitterMail.com when to post your Tweet. If you’re clever with your schedule, you can make your friends and followers believe you are Twittering all day and night.

Send Your Tweets Automatically To FaceBook

The next step is to start using the Twitter on FaceBook application. Doing so will allow you to easily and automatically convert all of your Tweets into status updates on your wall. This now allows you to kill two birds with one stone. Or in other words, automatically post to FaceBook and Twitter at the same time, thus saving you more time.

With less time being used to do manual things, more time is available to do things that are important, such as building your network with more targeted people that will be interested in the affiliate based products and services you’re marketing and promoting.

What are some ideas that you have that can help others with promoting affiliate products and services in FaceBook and Twitter? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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2 Responses to “How To Automatically Promote Affiliate Products on FaceBook and Twitter”

  1. Alex

    - 18th Nov, 09 09:11am

    will try this idea. Twitter and FB could be great for traffic generation.

  2. Success Coach

    - 18th Nov, 09 01:11pm

    Hi. You are right and I amusing twittermail now.

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