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Make Money Online with the Top 25 Affiliate Networks

Posted on June 25, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

The first step in locating good affiliate programs is via the large established affiliate networks. If you are an existing affiliate then it would not be a surprise if you have a bias towards the network that is making you the most money. When I first started doing affiliate marketing, Commission Junction was my top earning affiliate network. A couple years later my top earning network became AzoogleAds. It is now One Network Direct. The point being is to expand your horizons into other affiliate networks because that affiliate program that works well today may not work so well tomorrow. Why? Here are a few examples…

1. The merchant may either shut down the affiliate program, significantly lower payouts, or even get purchased by another company.

Several years ago, I used to successfully promote a spam blocker called Giant AntiSpam. They were later purchased and turned into a product called Qurb. Then Qurb was purchased by Mcafee and the same piece of software is called Mcafee AntiSpam. Mcafee’s affiliate commissions per sale is significantly lower than the 50% commissions originally offered by Giant and Qurb and it now makes me very little money. By joining other affiliate networks I’ll know what other similar programs are available and their payouts.

2. The company may change their PPC policies or other affiliate program terms.

I used to do very well with the GoToMyPC affiliate program through Commission Junction. Not to long ago, they decided to restrict bidding on their trademarked terms (including all variations) in the PPC search engines. I can understand some reasons why they might want to do this, but it gets worse. Then they started going after all domains with the trademark in it or variations. It was either hand us over your domains or get disapproved from our affiliate program AND the legal team will be calling. I personally had to hand them over my go-to-my-pc.net, gotomypcblog.com and gotomeetingblog.com domains.

Needless to say, with their change in PPC policies and taking of my domain names it put a big dent in my commissions from the program. I do pretty well with affiliate marketing but it was not worth being kicked out of the program and the cost of a legal battle with a huge company. It has still left a pretty bad taste in my mouth. It’s another reason why I do less buying of domain names with trademarks in them even if they allow it today. You don’t know what they will do tomorrow.

3. The same exact program you are promoting may be offering a higher payout in that other affiliate network!

You may be surprised to find out that you could be making a lot more by switching to that other network that offers the exact same program with higher payouts. The other affiliate network might also offer better tracking capabilities or provide higher converting landing pages. One example would be the Sunrocket (now closed) VoIP affiliate program which had an $84 dollar payout via AzoogleAds and a $60 payout through Linkshare. One reason they can offer these higher payouts through some networks because their merchant fees may be less.

The Top Five CPA Affiliate Networks I Recommend Are:

Market Leverage: www.marketleverage.com

NeverBlueAds: www.neverblueads.com

Copeac: www.copeac.com

AzoogleAds: www.azoogleads.com

Here is a list of additional large and small CPA affiliate networks. These CPA networks offer primarily pay-per-lead programs with some pay-per-sale and pay-per-click.

PepperJam Network: www.pepperjamnetwork.com

AffiliateFuel: www.affiliatefuel.com

MaxBounty: www.maxbounty.com

CPA Empire: www.cpaempire.com

ClickXchange: www.clickxchange.com

DarkBlue: www.darkblue.com

Kolimbo: www.kolimbo.com

OneNetworkDirect: www.onenetworkdirect.com

LeadHound: www.leadhound.com

Websponsors: www.websponsors.com

OffersQuest: www.offersquest.com

Cyberbounty: www.cyberbounty.com

OfferWeb: www.offerweb.com

Link Connector: www.linkconnector.com

MyReferer: www.myreferer.net

RegNow: www.regnow.com

One major advantage to using a few of the lesser known networks is that there may be less competition for some of the affiliate offers.

The Top 5 Per-Sale Affiliate Networks I Recommend Are:

They offer primarily pay-per-sale programs with some pay-per-lead. They will have plenty of affiliate offers you probably will not find in the CPA networks mentioned above.

1. Commission Junction

Number of Advertisers: 1,966 as of early 2007

With that many advertisers in their network, it means that no matter what your site is about, you are likely to find a merchant affiliate program that is a good fit for your website. These 1,966+ Commission Junction (CJ) advertisers are spread throughout 28 main categories including computers, finance, health, travel, and web services among many others.

Go To CJ.com

2. Linkshare

Number of Advertisers: 600+

LinkShare was established in 1996 and now boasts Fortune 500 clients and other prominent companies including J.C. Penney, 1-800-Flowers.com, American Express, Avon Products and Dell. Linkshare claims to have created the largest network of affiliates of any program provider – over 10 million partnerships.

Go To Linkshare.com

3. ShareASale

Number of Advertisers: 1700+

Shareasale.com was established in June 2000 and has grown to have a large network of advertisers mostly due to their lower merchant entry costs. The ShareASale network hosts many large and small companies that you will not find elsewhere.

Go To ShareASale.com

4. Performics

Number of Advertisers: 200+

Performics, acquired by DoubleClick in 2004, is a fairly small affiliate network with some big name advertisers such as America Online, BOSE, CompUSA, HPshopping, Verizon Wireless, and more than 200 others.

Go To Performics.com

5. Clickbank

Number of Advertisers: 1,000+

Clickbank has over 10,000+ digital product vendors with many merchants offering huge percentage payouts as high as 75%.

Go To ClickBank

So there you have it. These affiliate networks contain hundreds of profitable affiliate programs (a.k.a. hidden gems) just waiting to be found.

I’ll begin writing some more in-depth reviews of specific networks shortly. Until then, all the best towards your success.

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43 Responses to “Make Money Online with the Top 25 Affiliate Networks”

  1. Abhishek Kumar

    - 28th Jun, 07 11:06am

    Hey, Tim nice article. I hope your experience in affiliate marketing will help us to make more money online.. Keep Blogging ..


  2. Steven

    - 4th Jul, 07 04:07am

    I’ve had pretty good success with commission junction. They have so many reputable companies in their program that almost anyone can find some good products to promote.

  3. Deb

    - 16th Jul, 07 12:07am

    I’ve recently joined CJ and have made $9.25 so far. You should have seen me climb down from the ceiling when I saw I made something! Thanks for all the great advice!! I’ll keep plugging along with my little blog till I find what works. 🙂

  4. I’ve had some success with ShareaSale promoting PageFlakes for its pay per lead.

    Will be trying out RegNow since I’ve got an enterprise software related site.

    Thanks for the great lists.

  5. Crenk

    - 6th Sep, 07 10:09am

    What about TradeDoubler. I think that they should be high on the list.

  6. Indra Diky

    - 6th Sep, 07 07:09pm

    What about affiliatebot.com?


  7. Shaun Connell

    - 7th Sep, 07 01:09am

    Ah, very nice. ::saves page:: I’ll sign up with them all. =)

  8. Googlelady

    - 9th Sep, 07 06:09am

    Comission juction is my favorite is really a money maker machine. If you understand very well affiliate programs you can make a good amount of $$ with them.

  9. Daniel Oliveira

    - 10th Sep, 07 12:09pm

    i ill try CJ appears to be very good revenue program =D

    thankz for all info!

  10. Blogs for Money

    - 11th Sep, 07 12:09pm

    Great post 😀

  11. Strategic Internet Marketing

    - 29th Oct, 07 11:10am

    Great. I found something new here. I never know this untill i found your blog. You defintely save us lotsa time for searching other resouces. Keep it up. 🙂

  12. Lisa

    - 31st Oct, 07 09:10pm

    Great article. Thanks so much for sharing this. I knew about two of these programs, but now I see that I have been holding myself back.

    Thanks again

  13. jackbravo

    - 6th Nov, 07 01:11am

    My question is, what is direct link and is that “allowed” anymore by adwords if i’m understand what it is?

  14. Part Time Blogger

    - 24th Nov, 07 02:11pm

    Excellent post just added to my favorites along side your blog directory list.
    Thanks for saving me alot of work

  15. bmunch

    - 27th Nov, 07 12:11am

    I have only use CJ and shareasale. The problem for me is my non-US status. Some of the smaller networks don’t really support international affiliates.

  16. Jacob

    - 5th Dec, 07 10:12pm

    Could you recommend some good affiliate network in UK?

  17. That Single Guy

    - 20th Dec, 07 03:12pm

    I use commission junction and I love em.

  18. Pooja Mishra

    - 28th Dec, 07 06:12am

    cj is my favorite affiliate network…..I was actually searching for good affiliate networks,I think this list will help me.But I have noticed that most the advertisers in the affiliate networks accept only US publishers, I am from India and I have tough finding advertisers who are wiling to have Indian publishers.Does anybody know good affilate networks for Indians?

  19. Felix

    - 30th Dec, 07 12:12am

    Wow this is some cool collection of affiliates. Now just to go through them to find the one that DOESN’T use paypal

  20. Everyvisitor Paysyou

    - 31st Dec, 07 06:12am

    Every Visitor Pays You…New, revolutionary and will make the big boys cry. the best thing since Ad met Sense.

  21. dino

    - 3rd Jan, 08 07:01am

    Thanks for the helpful article,this will be of great help to anyone who wants to start making money with affiliate networks.

  22. Amit

    - 5th Jan, 08 08:01am

    Hi Tim, this is really a very nice article, I really think that Copeac and Primary Ads are the best.

  23. Sheepeffect.com

    - 13th Feb, 08 04:02pm

    Did you hear about cj cookies being regarded as spam by some programs like spybot?
    I don’t like CJ too much, especially their website (finding advertisers/products, creating affiliate codes) is not very user-friendly – and slow.

  24. Lea de Groot

    - 18th Feb, 08 06:02am

    A nice short list of some of the top affiliate programs – good work 🙂

  25. Popular Wealth

    - 19th Feb, 08 12:02pm

    Short list? I dare you to shoehorn those suckers onto one site 🙂

    Great list, with so many different accounts it’s easy to forget some of the options.

  26. nithin

    - 15th May, 08 02:05pm

    hey you did not include “clickbooth” in your list. Why? You dont like that site?

  27. Darlehen

    - 31st May, 08 11:05pm

    Could I please add the best European networks here with my own referal links? 😉

    Nice list anyway!

  28. c.m.Raja sekaran

    - 13th Jul, 08 09:07am

    your listing of major and minor listing of networks gives me good idea
    also give the payment reviews on the networks, Thanks a lot

  29. Very informative post! I am rethinking my whole idea of affiliate programs and affiliate marketing. I am going to sign up with a few relevant affiliate programs.


  30. WebTrafficRoI

    - 21st Aug, 08 07:08am

    I have been spending a lot of time on your blog and you really have quiet a bit of useful information for affiliate marketeers.This one is one of your better posts and highly informative.

  31. trebinje

    - 5th Dec, 08 04:12pm

    I’ve had some success with TradeDoubler.

  32. Affiliate-Maniac

    - 15th Feb, 09 08:02am

    Registering with these affiliates network is free and easy. But a lot of people didn’t make a penny with it.

    They need tools to be a success affiliate or super affiliate.

  33. Paul

    - 26th Mar, 09 02:03pm

    I tried CJ and clickbank but don’t like them as much as linkshare.

    I am struggling with making much from affiliate ads tho…

  34. Al

    - 25th Jul, 09 04:07pm

    thanks this is exactly what I needed to start on my way to making money with my site.

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