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How To Increase Affiliate Conversions by Creating Follow Up Messages

Posted on November 19, 2009 by Garry Conn - Contributing Writer

It should go without saying that creating, growing, and maintaining a mailing list is absolutely essential towards effectively marketing and promoting affiliate based products. In my opinion, one of the best Internet marketing software available is Aweber.

I have personally used Aweber for three years and would never consider using anything else. If you don’t offer your readers a mailing list powered by Aweber, I recommend making it a priority towards set one up.

That said, I have found that one of the best methods for increasing affiliate conversions over the long term is with using the Follow Up Message feature in Aweber. This feature comes is handy because it offers you the option of being able to automatically send a series of emails to newly subscribed users over a designated period of time, and at intervals you choose. Ironically, Tom Kulzer, Aweber CEO, communicates a similar importance found in a helpful tutorial that teaches people how to write a follow up message using Aweber software.

Here is an example of how using follow up messages in Aweber can help you increase conversions. Let’s assume that you’re offering a free eBook as an enticer to increase Aweber subscribers. Once a user subscribes to your mailing list, a validation email is sent. Once the user validates their request, a second email is automatically sent with the download link to the free eBook.

Let’s assume that this eBook describes a lot of strategies and tactics that will make it easy for you to suggest different services and programs that pay you a commission for successful leads or sales generated. Your eBook is 25 pages and has a total word count of around 10,000. Knowing this, we can assume that it can take a few days, maybe even a week, for a subscriber to finish reading.

That is where the follow up message kicks into gear. As the newly subscriber is chipping away at the free eBook, follow up messages can be sent at specific intervals. Let’s assume that you’ve concluded that it takes about three days to read the first ten pages of your eBook. The first ten pages basically talks about one particular strategy or tactic.

A follow up message can be sent to subscribers to pitch various products and services that help achieve the strategy or tactic being taught. Scheduling the follow up message to compliment the section of the eBook the newly subscriber just read can help increase conversions in the affiliate based products and services being recommended and suggested.

A few days later, after the newly subscribed user has safely completed the next section of your eBook, you can send out a second follow up message that pertains to the information found in the second section of your eBook. Also, if the newly subscribed user hasn’t completed the first section of the eBook, you can include a paragraph in the follow up message that gives a summary of events missed.

Depending on how in-depth and how many follow up strings you want to use, follow up messages can be totally customized to meet your’s and your subscriber’s needs. Once your follow up string is complete, I recommend sending one final follow up message that provides a summary of events. The summary of events should contain links to full HTML copies of your content, and direct links to products and services you recommended.

What are some ideas you have that can help others increase their affiliate conversions? Share your thoughts and feedback in the comments below.

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