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Tips for Getting The Most Out of Squidoo

Posted on June 19, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

Squidoo is a social media website that allows you to create a webpage, called a Lens, on their website about any subject. The definition they created for “Squidoo” explains it best:

Squidoo: SKWID-OO, n. v., adj., addiction.
1) thousands of people creating a handbuilt catalog of the best stuff online
2) a free and fun way to make your own page and get traffic
3) a place to find what you’re looking for, fast.

The Squidoo website has quickly become a trusted authority website in the eyes of the Google. Because of this, pages created within the Squidoo network tend to rank faster and much higher than smaller less trusted websites in the Google search results.

Here are few examples on how well some of these Squidoo pages rank in Google (positions subject to change).

Keyword “Silicone Kitchenware” – Squidoo page in 3rd position.
Keyword “Building Website Traffic” – Squidoo page in 6th position.
Keyword “laptop bag” – Squidoo page in 1st position.
Keyword “Intelligence jobs” – Squidoo page in 8th position.
Keyword “Make Money Online” – Squidoo page in 5th position

Here are some tips for getting the most out of Squidoo:

1. For the most success with Squidoo use long-tail keywords.

2. To get a Squidoo Lens you just created listed faster in Google, link to it in a obscure location from a couple of your existing websites (and/or your MySpace.com page, etc.)

3. Consider building a Squidoo Lens cloud.
Create a few informational Squidoo pages. Then have each of these informational pages link together. You will also have a link on each of these informational page to your main product or service sales page. Because these informational pages appear less SPAMMY than your main sales page it might be more likely to get incoming links from other external websites. Because Google follows all links on a website you are also more likely to get the pages indexed faster in addition to sharing Page Rank.

4. Try adding Name Squeeze pages to your lens. I’ll be talking about how to do that later.

To be honest I have not done a whole lot of experimenting with Squidoo. I reserved a few lenses but have not done much with them yet. However it looks like it could be a great way to make some extra money even with little to no web design experience. One thing I don’t like about Squidoo is that while it can certainly make you some money, how much is it building your business? What happens if Google decides to devalue or penalize the website? I suggest using Squidoo as an extension to your affiliate marketing business and not as your main way of making money online.

Maybe Squidoo would make a great project for a new case study! 😉

You can signup for Squidoo here.

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9 Responses to “Tips for Getting The Most Out of Squidoo”

  1. Daehee

    - 19th Jun, 07 06:06pm

    Example of name-squeeze and other questionable content on a Squidoo page: http://www.squidoo.com/colon-cleansing/

    Well, what can you expect for something on that topic, right? 🙂

  2. Cornwall SEO

    - 20th Jun, 07 02:06pm

    Not been too impressed with Squidoo for driving traffic to my blog, it does have it’s uses from a users point of view though.

    As long as people use it it will be of some use, however I am not sure that the time isn’t better spent in other ways.

    But I am prepared to be educated. Look forward to the name squeeze page post.

    Added to my rss btw

  3. Busy Mom

    - 22nd Jun, 07 02:06pm

    OK, I knew I shouldn’t click that link, but, I did.

    I’m been toying with Squidoo, thanks for the tips!

  4. Don't be shy

    - 24th Jun, 07 06:06am

    As a new comer to the wonderful world of blogging, its rather overwhelming what with all these blog communities etc that you should join. But I will sign up and give it a go. Thanks for the starting tips.

  5. Ada

    - 25th Jul, 07 02:07pm

    I have one or two lenses on squidoo. I haven’t done much with them ‘cos I feel like I’m wasting time I could use to do research, create content or network with other bloggers. I just can’t seem to put my heart in it for that reason. I am yet to be convinced that it’s worth the effort.

  6. J

    - 25th Aug, 07 03:08am

    I just tried squidoo out and it was really fast and easy. I’m thinking about making couple more pages to link to my main one like you said to do. Thanks for this and lets hope it works

  7. Ron Passfield

    - 9th Oct, 07 07:10pm

    Well, I am a Squidoo addict and Top 100 Squidoo lensmaster (my lens was ranked 41 out of 200,000+). Two of my dozen or so lenses are in the top 10 Google listings for their targeted keywords (out of 2 million search results). If you do it right, a Squidoo lens can bring you top Google ranking and lots of very targeted traffic. That’s why the likes of Joel Comm were very quick to grab some Squidoo real estate for their pet keywords. Just like .com, the longer you leave it the less top keywords will be available. I have developed a massive lens on how to build and market Squidoo lenses and I offer an email course. Besides, Squidoo is a lot of fun and it’s very easy for a newbie to quickly build a multimedia website (lens).


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