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Use Freelance Writers and Designers

Posted on June 21, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

As a followup to my post about feeling a little “overwhelmed” lately, here is one solution I hope to use more often.

Using Freelance Websites!

In the past I have used freelance services for many projects. You can use freelance websites for original article and content writing. It usually costs anywhere from $4 to $10 per article. Freelance websites can also be useful if you would like someone to help you with graphic design, custom programming or creating an original website template. You can use freelance websites for just about anything you need help with.

Because many of these freelancers are from India and other non-U.S. countries you can usually get quality work done at very reasonable prices.

Think about how much your time is worth? Do you want to spend 30 minutes or longer writing an original article for your website when you can outsource the same work for $5 per article?

Here is a list of some Freelance websites to consider:

RentACoder.com: http://www.rentacoder.com

GetAFreelancer.com: http://www.getafreelancer.com

Guru.com: http://www.guru.com

elance.com: http://www.elance.com

How often do you use freelance services?

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7 Responses to “Use Freelance Writers and Designers”

  1. Anthony W

    - 24th Jun, 07 11:06am

    I agree. Outsourcing is an excellent if one lacks the technical knowledge or time. And they are especially good as a spark of creativity.

    However, what about the time and cost it takes when you get freelancers who turn out to be terrible, slow and arrogant? I’ve had my fair share of low quality freelancers.

    The answer to your question? I try not to use freelancers where possible!

  2. shaun

    - 27th Jun, 07 07:06pm

    I’m sorry I have to disagree with outsourcing. The whole point of blogging is to share your own personal opinions and create a relationship with your readers.

    I think outsourcing would be a good idea to do a case study on but having your blog filled with random peoples articles kind of ruins the whole blog atmosphere. Guest bloggers are a great thing to have it creates diversity and makes your site more interesting.

  3. Tim Schroeder

    - 27th Jun, 07 08:06pm

    Hi Shaun. Thanks for the comment.

    Just to clarify, when I said outsourcing, I was not really referring to posts on this blog. Instead I meant having articles written to be used on traditional websites to help build deeper content and for search engine traffic etc.

    I won’t be outsourcing posts to this blog but will have some guest bloggers every once in awhile.

  4. carl

    - 6th Aug, 07 03:08pm


    When I went to look at the code I was going to steal it says:
    What Do You Think? Leave A Reply ( I DoFollow! )

    That is kind of funny!

  5. intelligenius.net

    - 12th Nov, 07 08:11pm

    I just can’t afford the freelance right now. I might consider hiring one later on.

  6. freelance writers

    - 16th Oct, 08 10:10am

    Some freelancers are actually gives out affordable prices. Ive had a lot of my writings done by freelance writers and most of them are good for a post but not that much for a link bait or something that would generate a good amount of buzz…but well if you just need something that would fill in a couple of blocks on your website or blog or something else….you might want to try out freelance writing…

  7. Negotiating freelance writing jobs

    - 12th Nov, 08 07:11pm

    Just as you mentioned those freelancing websites, one other that I would like to mention is Constant content. You can find the review here: Constant content review. Negotiating freelancing income is one important aspect of landing a great freelance job. I found that several writers are not interested in negoitation. They just want the first job that comes their way. Is it right? I stand no.

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