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Does Sponsored Tweets Work? Case Study 1

Posted on November 17, 2009 by Tim Schroeder

As a new advertiser with Sponsored Tweets I have setup two opportunities since the time of this post although I expect to buy many more. You can read my original Sponsored Tweets review if you haven’t already.

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The first sponsored tweets test was to Deb’s blog over at ChattyGal.com

For this advertisement I used a title of “Tweet the ChattyGal Blog.” For the description I simply asked them to get as many clicks over as possible to her blog and gave some example tweets they could use. For Example, “Go Check Out The Biggest Chatter Online” with a link to her site. I also allowed the Tweeter to use whatever creative text they wanted instead instead of the example tweet. Most of the Tweeter used my example although I was hoping to see more creative tweets.

I listed a max cost per tweet of $100. The Tweeter also had to have 500 minimum followers, .75 minimum follower ratio, 56 minimum twitter grade, and 4 as a minimum Klout score. I did not use tags. Sponsored tweets came up with over 2500 matches with those settings. I should have used tags to get more relevant results.

Sponsored Tweets Ad 1 Results:


My total average cost-per-click end up at $0.57 which was a little higher than I was hoping. I personally would have been happy with anything less than .35

The largest single tweet buy  ($100+) had the 4th highest CPC which brought the total average quite a bit higher than if I would have not purchased that tweet. It was also my fault because I purchased this tweet more out of curiosity. The tweeter didn’t exactly have tons of followers looking for mommy type blogs. Since then some clicks continue to trickle in from many of the tweets which has brought the total average CPC down a couple cents. All my other buys were just $12.00 per tweet or less. My second largest buy of just $12.00 had a $.92 CPC even after two tweets.

My smallest buys did by far the best in regards to the lowest CPC but it doesn’t take but a few clicks when you are buying a $2 or $3 Tweet! 🙂

Overall I think this test did well enough for me to continue testing and using Sponsored Tweets again. But what about conversions into RSS readers? Unfortunately I had no way to track this.

Sponsored Tweets Ad 2 Results:


In this Sponsored Tweets test I was advertising the free download of my beginner’s affiliate marketing eBook, I entered a maximum per tweet cost of $500 even though I wouldn’t spend that much. I used a minimum of 500 followers, a minimum of “1” follower ratio, 65 minimum Twitter grade, and a 5 minimum Klout score.

This campaign had an average CPC of $0.61 but actually did very well with a couple of exceptions. If you notice, my biggest buy has a CPC of over $2.00 CPC which skewed the average much higher. Since then the CPC has dropped a little because of some retweets and some clicks will continue to trickle in. My best tweet buy cost me just $3 and sent me 37 clicks for an average of just .08 cents a click! They are a number of Tweeters in this campaign that I’ll be ordering more sponsored tweets from in the coming weeks.

Most Tweeter will retweet your ad up to 3 times if the CPC is over $1.50 CPC which is certainly a good thing.

I hesitate to even call this a case study because there are so many variables that could cause the results to be different each time.

1. What time of day was the tweet sent out?

2. Did the tweeter tweet out several more tweets shortly after your ad which caused your ad to get buried? Not a real good idea on their part because it’s just going to hurt there Sponsored Tweet scores. If you are a Tweeter with Sponsored Tweets, don’t screw the advertiser by burying their sponsored tweets right away!

3. What text was used with the tweet?

4. Did the Tweeter use an automated program to gain thousands of followers who are not even interested in their niche? On a side note I’m not against using these programs as long as you use keywords and such to find relevant followers in your niche.

This is just a few questions of many that would could cause your results to be different.

Would I Use Sponsored Tweets As An Advertiser Again?

Yes, but I’d do some things a little differently.

1. I’d recommend to always go look at the Tweeter’s last set of tweets to see how much they are interacting with their Twitter audience or for anything that might raise a red flag.

2. I’d initially start off with buy buying multiple low cost Tweets rather than just one or two high cost tweets. High cost tweets are not bad but do some relevant targeting.

3. I’d Try and Buy Sponsored Tweets That Could Go Viral.

I don’t necessarily mean to get your ad to go viral. That could happen but it’s less likely being that it’s appended with “#ad or sponsored ad” text. Rather I mean to send them to a page with a new tweet that could be sent out for them to win something. The trick (which I haven’t exactly tested yet) is to buy sponsored tweets to things that could go viral such as blog contest or free giveaway. This is how you will get the most bang for you buck.

I’ll be posting more information from future tests including a new test in which I hope goes viral.

I do believe that if done correctly, Sponsored Tweets has really great potential for both Tweeters and Advertisers.

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  1. Allan

    - 18th Nov, 09 07:11am

    wow, I am going to have to research this more.


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