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You Reviewed Me – Batch 1

Posted on June 15, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

I’m on the hunt! The hunt for some sensational reviews from some of the internet’s most awesome bloggers.

Today I ordered up a first round of reviews for eMonetized. I browsed offers through companies such as Review Me, Pay Per Post, and some direct contact reviews.

I’ve Ordered a First Batch of Reviews From the Following Bloggers:

1. Andy Beard: http://andybeard.eu
Number of RSS Subscribers: 1,240
Total Review Cost: $143
Found via: PayPerPost Direct

2. Jane May: http://www.janemayblogs.com
Number of RSS Subscribers: Unknown
Total Review Cost: $50
Found via: Direct Contact

3. Kumiko’s Cash Quest: http://www.cashquests.com
Number of RSS Subscribers: 452
Total Review Cost: $40
Found via: Direct Contact

Provided each of these bloggers accept the offer to review eMonetized, the total cost of this first round of reviews will be $233. The reviews also probably won’t go live for another few days.

Why did I choose these three specific bloggers? Because they are in my own feed reader, they offer quality posts and they have a nice fan following.

Why didn’t I choose that other blogger? I might be soon. I already have a list of five other great blogs that I’ll be ordering reviews from in the next batch. If you would like to review eMonetized just contact me and make an offer. If I like the offer, I’ll get back to you ASAP.

I’ll be writing an update on which review provided the most bang for the buck in terms of traffic, increased RSS feed subscriptions and overall quality of the review.

Did you find eMonetized from a recent review? Introduce yourself and let us know who sent you in my “dofollow” comments section below. 😉

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10 Responses to “You Reviewed Me – Batch 1”

  1. TJ

    - 16th Jun, 07 07:06pm

    I look forward to seeing the results!


  2. Marketing ICE

    - 19th Jun, 07 02:06pm

    Just found Andy’s review of your blog and added your feed. Great stuff!

  3. vc blog

    - 19th Jun, 07 10:06pm

    got here from Andy’s review — good purchase via PPP Direct — that review was really deep! Typical Andy…

  4. Erik Karey

    - 21st Jun, 07 04:06pm

    Just go here through Kumiko’s review. You picked a great batch for your first 3 reviewers. Best of luck with you blog. I’ve added you to my feed reader!

  5. DerekBeau

    - 25th Jun, 07 04:06am

    I found your site from Jane May’s review. Your posts provide a very good read. 🙂

  6. John

    - 15th Aug, 07 08:08am

    Well, I also provide reviews on my website. Actually this is the topic of the website, reviewing interesting sites/blogs on the net, you may find it interesting.

  7. Simonne

    - 26th Aug, 07 12:08pm

    I clicked on the John Chow banner 🙂

  8. Tony Lee

    - 11th Feb, 09 06:02pm

    I’m very interested to see how your reviews go, I’d like to use your comments to do some improvements on mine!


  1. Welcome Andy Beard Readers! - 19th Jun, 07 02:06pm

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