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The iSpionage Keyword Research Tool Review

Posted on November 13, 2009 by Tim Schroeder

Effective keyword research is the most important step when starting up a PPC campaign.

When I first began PPC advertising, I basically used the keyword tools in Google and Yahoo, dumped a bunch of keywords into my account, and later refined my lists, deleting poor keywords and raising bids on better performing keywords. It was a ‘wait and see’ strategy. This strategy wasn’t working out too well as I was spending more time refining my keywords afterwards than if I were to spend a little time doing keyword research before activating my PPC account.

Using free keyword suggestion tools is a reasonable place to start your keyword research, particularly for new websites. But it has limitations:

  • Popularity over Relevancy: Keyword tools by design favor popular keywords, but don’t mistake popularity with relevancy.
  • Just Suggestions: It’s up to the search marketer to review and test what keywords will work on the site.
  • Free Public Tools: It’s hard to get a true competitive advantage if everyone is using the same publicly available keyword tools.

The biggest challenges in keyword research revolve around proving those suggestions out:

How do you test the keywords?

How do you validate volume and relevancy estimates?

How do you build a proprietary keyword list?

ispionage-logoIn this post I’d like to give you some insights on the best ways to approach keyword research in order to get the best results in the least amount time using the iSpionage competitive intelligence keyword research tool.

What iSpionage can do for you?

Identify who are your competitors and find out their paid keywords using iSpionage competitor keywords look up. Once you have their keywords (could be hundreds), select the most appropriate keywords for your product niche and create a keyword tracking project in iSpionage. When you track these keywords, iSpionage proprietary software will all the competitive data relating to the keywords in the project. Within 24 hours, you will have access to your competitors’ top keywords and ad copies performance.

I am NOT encouraging you to blatantly steal your competitors but reviewing your competition is a great way to generate new ideas and make notes of what they do well, or even better than you, and apply this these tactics to your own PPC efforts.

You just need to look in the right place – namely your competitors. Another great way to is to check out your competition. Take the best efforts of all your competitors and make them your own!


With the iSpionage keyword research tool, I am getting access to my competitors top keywords and once I have learned their keywords, I start dissecting into their ad copies looking for the following things:

  • Headline: Does their headline speak to your shared audience? Are they using dynamic keyword insertion? Are they using it well?
  • Body copy: How effective are they utilizing those 70 precious characters? If your products/services are similar, what benefits and features do they highlight? What kind of promises or claims do they make in their ad copy?
  • Call-to-action: What is the competition doing to motivate users to click-through their ad? Are they offering free information, special deals or free shipping? Is there an opportunity for you to make a better offer and blow them out of the water?


Once you are done dissecting your competition’s PPC ad texts, then you should move on to their landing page. Comb through their landing page to see how they may be talking to your audience better than you. When a user hits your landing page, you have only a few seconds to pull them in before they click the back button. What is your competition’s strategy to hold users’ attention? What elements of their design or text can you incorporate into yours?

As you can see with iSpionage Competitive Intelligence research tool, you will have the ability get an edge on your PPC advertising by mining data from the successful advertisers and incorporating their formula to create a highly optimized and efficient PPC campaign.

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