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Blog Commenting – Case Study 1

Posted on June 22, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

A lot of the posts so far on eMonetized have more to do with internet marketing than affiliate marketing but there is a reason for this. I want to experiment with different methods of advertising that I have not used in the past and share the results. I also want you to see how I am building traffic to this blog. Another reason is that I can also help you with affiliate marketing tips all day long but if you don’t have a good grasp on how to get traffic to your website, it really does not help a whole lot. If you are good at internet marketing then you should be good at affiliate marketing. The two really do go hand-in-hand.

In the previous post, I shared a couple tips about how Commenting on High Traffic Blogs can bring in a nice amount of traffic to you own website or blog.

In the past, I have done very little commenting on other people’s blogs. My bad excuse for this is that I’m usually to busy working on my own websites. However, this is only partly true because I have about 30 blogs in my feed reader and spend a hour+ a day reading though other various blogs. If I am taking the time to read them then why not take a few extra minutes and begin placing some comments if I have something to say!

So this brings to my Blog Commenting Case Study 1.

I’ve created a list of 10 A-list bloggers including:

1. Copy Blogger

2. John Chow

3. ShoeMoney

4. Problogger.net

5. Pronetadvertising.com

6. QuickSprout.com

7. eMomsAtHome.com

8. DoshDosh.com

9. AndyBeard.eu

10. 37Signals.com

I’m going to set aside at least 30 minutes a day for the next couple of weeks and begin contributing comments to each of these blogs. I won’t be commenting on a post unless I have something meaningful to add. This isn’t a SPAM campaign. Anyhow, I’ll keep track on how many total comments I’ve added to each blogs and then use my Google Analytics stats to track how many referrals from each website are being sent back to eMonetized.com

It should be an interesting little case study to see just how much traffic commenting on high traffic blogs can send to your website and which of those 10 blogs send the most traffic my way. As always, I’ll share with you the results in a week or two.

It will begin on Monday.

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20 Responses to “Blog Commenting – Case Study 1”

  1. A Tentative Personal Finance Blog

    - 22nd Jun, 07 05:06pm

    The first thing I did when I started blogging was to start commenting on high traffic sites related to my niche or not. You won’t believe the amount of traffic it can generate. Your 30 minutes a day leaving comments will be well worth it if you’re aim is you get more readers or even some traffic.

  2. Funny MySpace Comments

    - 22nd Jun, 07 07:06pm

    Yes i can vouche comments do help but there not the answer

  3. Muhammad Saleem

    - 22nd Jun, 07 08:06pm

    I’m glad you will be joining the conversations on Pronet. Hope it helps you.

  4. DerekBeau

    - 22nd Jun, 07 08:06pm

    Sounds great! I actually thought the exact same thing as you… I spend so much time reading all these blogs, why not start commenting on them? So that is what I am doing 🙂

  5. Kumiko

    - 22nd Jun, 07 10:06pm

    Good idea, but you have to remember that some comment systems show avatars and some don’t. I think you’ll get more traffic from those that show avatars.


  6. Jack Book

    - 23rd Jun, 07 01:06am

    and you don’t put cashquest on the list?
    because i often click people’s link on that site 🙂

  7. Jay Thompson

    - 23rd Jun, 07 02:06am

    Interesting. I often tell aspiring real estate bloggers that they should comment on some of the more “mainstream” real estate blogs. Unfortunately that sometimes leads to an excess of comments such as, “nice post”…

    I’ll be interested to see your results, thanks in advance for sharing!

  8. Matthew Henrickson

    - 23rd Jun, 07 03:06am

    this will be pretty interesting

    i did the same sort of thing trying to stay active on john chows blog but i didnt see much traffic benefit, however i still do comment time to time when im “inspired”

  9. TextAdSearch

    - 23rd Jun, 07 08:06am

    I too spend way too much time reading RSS feeds. It’s a shame we can’t see the results now.

    On a side note I found your blog via a Bumpzee box on another blog, can’t remember the name superduperaffiliatemarketingblog or something.

  10. MyHive

    - 23rd Jun, 07 12:06pm


    you created a list of 10 blogs that you will comment on, and than you said: “which of those 11 blogs send the most traffic my way”. What is 11th blog?
    This idea is great since we haven’t seen already similar research. If you can write about results in regular basis, that will be even better.

    Best wishes.

  11. Dave Wagner

    - 23rd Jun, 07 12:06pm

    I know this isn’t specific to the idea behind your post but you mentioned using Google Analytics to check how effective this campaign will be and I just wanted to warn of that.

    Google Analytics shows less than 1/3 of the traffic that my logs show. Which tells me that at least 1/3 of my users have turned off javascript. If your posting on blogs with technically savvy users you may not want to take Analytics results too seriously.

    Now, everyone clicky my linky 😉

  12. Tim Schroeder

    - 23rd Jun, 07 02:06pm

    MyHive, thanks for pointing that out. I originally has 11 put decided to remove one and overlooked that text at the bottom.

    Dave Wagner, nice to see you here! I was just checking Analytics and it showed that this blog had 282 unique visitors yesterday while cpanel’s AWstats shows 422. That’s a big difference. I also noticed that referral stats from Cash Quests for example showed about 35 more referral clicks in AWstats than in Google Analytics.

  13. DerekBeau

    - 23rd Jun, 07 03:06pm

    I have found over the last couple days of doing this that I get much more traffic from the less popular blogs (i.e. not the blogs on your A-list). Even when I get a “first 3” comment on one of the more popular blogs, I haven’t seen much, if any, traffic from them. It may just be coincidence.

  14. Tay

    - 25th Jun, 07 04:06am

    I think it’s better to comment on the smaller blogs. On the more popular, A-list blogs the content is usually not as easy to comment on, and when you do comment, your comment usually never stands out and there is nothing to set you out from the dozens or hundreds of other comments. I do a whole lot better commenting on the smaller blogs. But good luck to you with this case study!

  15. cyberst0rm

    - 25th Jun, 07 09:06am

    A brillaint idea. I have started dong this only a few weeks ago and already I’ve seen an increase in traffic.

    I will now definitely implement Google Analytics to track exact numbers!

  16. Redneck

    - 25th Jun, 07 04:06pm

    I have noticed a significant increase in traffic by doing what you spell out here. However, I don’t already have 200+ unique visitors/day so just about any number is significant to me. I’ll follow along and see how this goes. Great entries so far, I feel like I can do what you do and hopefully achieve the same level of success.

  17. richar

    - 26th Jun, 07 01:06am

    Yes, hey I’m interested in seeing the results here too.

    Can’t wait- this sounds like a pretty cool project.

    I’ve done a little blog comment posting but saw very little
    real traffic according to awstats.

    Let’s have it!

    BTW, cool blog! I’ve been subscribed to your feed for a little while now….

  18. Blogging Advice

    - 27th Jun, 07 01:06pm

    Tim – I don’t bother with AWStats anymore, as I think they’re exaggerated somehow. Maybe they count the search engine spiders or something, I don’t know.

    Stick with GA, Statcounter, Reinvigorate, or the stats provided through Performancing.

  19. shaun

    - 27th Jun, 07 07:06pm

    Excellent case study, I comment on problogger, copyblogger, and johnchow almost every day and I see some deecent traffic from them.

  20. Sue

    - 5th Jul, 07 02:07am

    that’s a good idea… i’m just starting to comment on other blogs more than i have as well.. looking forward to seeing how your case study went!

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