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Quick Tip: Comment on High Traffic Blogs

Posted on June 14, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

Commenting on high traffic blogs can help send a nice amount of traffic to your website. Although it will not always help your search engine rankings because the comment links are often tagged with rel=”nofollow,” in this tip we are after the traffic.

See here for more on what “no follow” is all about:

How to Use High Traffic Blogs to Your Advantage:

1. Most importantly, actually write a relevant comment that’s interesting. If you have something interesting to say, many of the blog’s readers may be curious what website you own and click the link over to your website.

2. Be one of the first few to comment. People often do not read past the first 5 to 10 comments.

You can view a list of some of the internet’s most popular blogs here:

Although those blogs get the most traffic it’s better to find blogs that are similiar in topic to your own. I suggest adding some of them to your RSS reader, such as Google Reader. While you are at it, also add eMonetized. 😉

Then check back several times a day to see if they have any new posts and try to be one of the first few to add a comment. Don’t try SPAMMING affiliate links or writing senseless posts. This will only get your comments deleted and do more harm than good.

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8 Responses to “Quick Tip: Comment on High Traffic Blogs”

  1. cyberst0rm

    - 25th Jun, 07 09:06am

    Very good point there about the commenting. While I don’t think commenting will bring in mountains of traffic, any increase in traffic is better than no increase in traffic.

  2. Ada

    - 25th Jul, 07 01:07pm

    It’s a lot easier for tech sites to find blogs in the technorati 100. I bog about women’s health and the last time I looked there wasn’t much joy for me there. Will so some more research though. Today, I want to join some women’s health forums and hopefully, becoming a helpful part of the community there will help me network and get some traffic as well. Lots of useful and practical advice here. Thank you.

  3. Everyvisitor Paysyou

    - 30th Dec, 07 12:12am

    Great information. Traffic usually = money. There is a new tiny piece of code to be enacted in February 2008 which may well make the big boys wish they had thought of it first. As far as getting traffic I have found over the years if you offer something that is free, will never cost anything and will make you continual residual income daily usually allows visitors to find you. Get Paid For Every visitor

  4. alifahru

    - 27th Sep, 08 10:09am

    comment on other site with highly traffics can visiting beautifully traffics. what about with name we used, must we used the keyword or our nickname? thank you

  5. Ovi

    - 1st Mar, 10 01:03am

    Nice tips. I reach your blog through dofollowblogsearch engine commenthunt. To me dofollow any blog whether high traffic or low traffic both are important because both increase you blog’s weight in search engines.


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