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The CJ Pay-Per-Call Affiliate Network – An Introduction

Posted on November 12, 2009 by Tim Schroeder

I was logging into my Commission Junction (aka CJ.com) account a few days ago and decided to see what their new Pay-Per-Call network was all about. I think you already need to be a CJ affiliate to apply. The network is at cj.ringrevenue.com. The are using http://ringrevenue.com as their platform.


CJ Pay-Per-Call is a new type of affiliate network that allow you to get paid to send leads to phone number or landing page with phone number combo.

Here is a nice little chart that outlines how Pay-Per-Call works:


Once logged-in to CJ Pay-Per-Call there is a little stats chart that outlines your call quality. Did the lead convert into a buyer? For example, if Brighthouse networks had a pay-per-call offer and the lead purchased a triple combo (phone, internet and TV) then that would likely be placed into the high call quality column. Just an internet service lead might be placed in the Medium call quality column. An unconverted lead would be placed in the no payout column.


At this time there are not a lot of advertisers using CJ Pay-Per Call but that’s probably because it’s fairly new and they just don’t know about it. It’s pretty much a win-win for the advertiser and publisher. Especially when some CJ traditional advertiser place ordering phone numbers on their landing pages and the affiliate gets stiffed that commission.


There are a few big name advertiser on board with the pay-per-call system such as Service Master, ADT, Angies List and Allstate.

I hope this form of landing page and phone lead combo advertising grows quickly. I see some BIG potential with it. Again I think you already need to be a CJ affiliate to signup to pay-per-call.

What do you think?

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One Response to “The CJ Pay-Per-Call Affiliate Network – An Introduction”

  1. LadyK

    - 3rd Dec, 09 03:12am

    I signed up for pay per call and got approved and yes I was already a publisher for CJ. It seems you still have to get approved from each advertiser so I am working on that now.

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