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27″ iMac Courtesy of Convert2Media.com

Posted on November 11, 2009 by Tim Schroeder

C2M-guysIn this post I just wanted to give a shoutout and thanks to Convert2Media.

I recently placed second place in one of their affiliate revenue contests and I won a new iMac.

Being that they don’t sell the 24″ versions anymore, they upgraded my prize to a 27″ iMac for free.

Here is a picture of my old monitor setup:


I got back from a conference several weeks ago and the dang monitors above were not working. So I had to run off and grab a temporary monitor from Best Buy (20″ Hannspree) which is sitting next to the iMac in the picture below.


The picture of the 27″ iMac above doesn’t do justice. This baby is HUGE with a LED-backlit display. You might have noticed that it is about as wide as the two 17″ monitors side-by-side at the top of the picture.

Thanks again to Ruck, Steve and the rest of the Convert2Media crew for the upgrade.

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8 Responses to “27″ iMac Courtesy of Convert2Media.com”

  1. Eric Nagel

    - 11th Nov, 09 09:11pm

    Nice job! I didn’t place in the contest… in fact, I have no idea how I even did. But I’m sure I wasn’t too close to the top 3. But that iMac looks nice!

  2. Tim Schroeder (author comment)

    - 11th Nov, 09 09:11pm

    Thanks Eric!

    To be honest I was a little surprised I made second place because I was splitting some of my traffic. I do know that the guy in first place more than doubled me. I have no idea about third place.

  3. Shock Marketer

    - 11th Nov, 09 11:11pm

    Those 3 monitors do not look stable. Watch out.

  4. Tim Schroeder (author comment)

    - 11th Nov, 09 11:11pm

    Shock Marketer, the stand is actually really heavy so they aren’t going anywhere….I hope. 🙂

  5. Steve Howe

    - 12th Nov, 09 02:11pm

    Dude, that 27″ Mac is looking slick! Sounds like the timing was perfect too with your other screens dying on you. It’s about time for a new contest… 😛

  6. Tim Schroeder (author comment)

    - 12th Nov, 09 02:11pm

    Hey Steve! The screen is pretty amazing. It blows away the old monitors I had. I look forward to some new contests!

  7. Jason Tipp

    - 13th Nov, 09 08:11am

    27” LED is something that really would make an impression on me. I have 28” old TV set and I can imagine how huge this baby is. I would love to try this one at home.

  8. Tim Schroeder (author comment)

    - 13th Nov, 09 03:11pm

    Hi Jason! Thanks for dropping by and for your comment! Your AmericanRider.net site is a nice one!

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