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Gallery 2 + WordPress WPG2 Plugin Added

Posted on June 11, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

I was doing some research into image galleries for WordPress over the weekend.

I found a lot of recommendations for a script called Gallery 2 so I thought I would give it a shot and install it on eMonetized.

Gallery 2 is not specifically made for WordPress blogs but it is one powerful image gallery script! In fact it offers many more advanced features than I really needed for this blog. Nevertheless it’s still a great script to use and it will be a good learning experience if I decide to use it on another website. It appears to be the same script used for ShoeMoney’s blog.

I also found a WordPress plugin called WPG2 which was made specifically for Gallery 2 users. It helps you to easily embed your Gallery2 photos within your WordPress blog in addition to adding random images, most viewed photos etc. into your sidebar.

I’ve only uploaded one test photo of my dog “Minnie” so far. I’d also like to get the mod-rewrite setup. Lastly, I want to add a “random image” and the “most viewed photo” to the eMonetized homepage.

So here is the new gallery! I’ll begin uploading some images shortly. 🙂

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3 Responses to “Gallery 2 + WordPress WPG2 Plugin Added”

  1. carl

    - 21st Jun, 07 10:06pm

    Talk about overkill!

    I used Gallery1 for years and upgraded to G2 when it came out. I could not believe how long it took me to customize it! When I finally got it working they came out with an update. After install I found out that the very first update changed the structure and forced all changes to be remade!


    I uninstalled G2, went back to G1 for my photo site and use a much simpler script for my blog.

  2. Shane Board

    - 8th Nov, 07 04:11am

    I love Gallery 2 but I don’t think it really fits this blog as it is all messed up, needs some work but I am going to check it out still.

  3. EX

    - 21st Jan, 08 11:01pm

    Have you try zenphoto ?

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