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Who Wants a Free Google Wave Invite?

Posted on November 11, 2009 by Tim Schroeder

Patrick from ChefPatrick was nice enough to send me a Google Wave invite a few days ago. Patrick runs a domain names/domaining blog and you should definitely check it out. He is all out of invites so please don’t bombard him with emails.

google_wave_01I watched but mostly listened to the complete Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009 and embed it below. The video is REALLY long but you might want to listen to it in the background while you are working.

After logging in wasn’t exactly sure what to do next so if you have a Google Wave account please contact me. We can add each other so we can begin testing all the features some more.

What extensions have you tested and might recommend? Anything good Google Wave extensions for Twitter or Facebook?

Here is the Google Wave Video:

How Can You Get A Free Google Wave Invite?

I currently have 5 Free Google Wave Invites to Give Away.

Simply retweet this post with (or something similar but make sure you include @timschroeder):

RT @timschroeder Who Wants a Free Google Wave Invite? Win one here: http://bit.ly/1s7Iml

As soon as I get the invites I’ll randomly select the winners using random.org and message you on Twitter (so you need to follow me as well).

I’ll be giving away all the invites I get so there will be multiple winners. I’ll also update this post when this contest has ended.

Good Luck!

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7 Responses to “Who Wants a Free Google Wave Invite?”

  1. Eric Clickbooth

    - 11th Nov, 09 08:11pm

    Just received one the other day and plan on checking it out this week. Have you messed around with it at all yet? Thoughts?

  2. Tim Schroeder (author comment)

    - 11th Nov, 09 09:11pm

    Hey Eric!

    I have not messed around with it too much yet. We need to WAVE each other and start testing.

  3. Mika

    - 12th Nov, 09 03:11pm

    do you have one more invitation please?

  4. LukePeerFly

    - 14th Nov, 09 08:11pm

    Tweeted (@stickycarrots). I hope I’m a winner. If I am, I would appreciate an e-mail as well 🙂

  5. Jason Radio

    - 24th Nov, 09 09:11pm

    Would greatly appreciate a google wave invite. Share the love 🙂

  6. Jeremy

    - 28th Nov, 09 05:11am


    Please can I have an invite?



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