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Yahoo Publisher Quality-Based Pricing Launched

Posted on June 05, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

The Yahoo Publisher Network began rolling out their new quality-based pricing ranking model last night.

With this new feature is designed to measure the value of the traffic coming from Yahoo’s distribution partners’ websites and then price clicks accordingly for their advertisers.

In an ongoing effort to raise the value of our Sponsored Search and Content Match products, we’re pleased to announce the phased rollout of a new feature that we believe will help increase the value of Yahoo! Search Marketing traffic to our advertisers. This feature, called quality-based pricing.

What is Changing?
Previously all traffic was treated the same—you were charged the same for traffic from all web sites within our network. With quality-based pricing, you may be charged less for certain clicks than you normally would pay, depending on the overall quality of the websites that are providing this traffic to you. As a result, your click charges can decrease.

How will Click Charges be Discounted?
“Quality” is calculated based on conversion rates and other measurements of the ability to deliver more interested and valuable customers to you from particular distribution partner sites. Discounts will be automatically applied to your account.

I’ll have to jump into my account and see if I notice any changes yet.

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One Response to “Yahoo Publisher Quality-Based Pricing Launched”

  1. John

    - 5th Jun, 07 10:06pm

    google already does this as far as I know

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