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Who Else Wants a Higher Google Adwords CTR?

Posted on June 04, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

Do you know one of the top things you can do get a higher Google Adwords Clickthrough ratio? Be Creative!

Look over the following sample Google Adwords ads and try to figure out what they have in common

How Do I Earn $230K+ ?
I Sell Other People’s Stuff as an
Affiliate – and Now You Can Too!

You mean I can make $230k as an affiliate?!

I’m Rich. You’re Stupid
I’ll Give You My Tools to Be a Rich
Affiliate, Copy My Secret, So Easy

What a jerk, but I’m wondering just what this website is all about!

I was scammed 17 times
These websites are absolute scams.
I’ll show you the ones that work

Was the product I just searched for on his SCAM list? Are there other products that work better?

(Product Name) Sucks
I was scammed so many times.
Read this before buying…

Does that product really suck and why is he saying it does?

Don’t Buy (Product Name)
Don’t Spend $176 Without Getting My
Free Guide To Making…

The “don’t buy” catches my attention. If I’m going to buy the product I might as well get the free guide he is offering.

The sample Google Adwords ads above use attention getting headlines that prey on the reader’s emotions. I don’t want to get scammed. I don’t want to buy a product that sucks. I like getting free stuff when I buy a product. Are you starting to get why this works?

I am not saying that you would always want to write your pay-per-click (i.e. Adwords) ads in the fashions used above. The headlines above are product dependant.

However, there are other ways to use your creativity. Always experiment with different ads to figure out which get the higher clickthrough ratios.

Test a combination of creative outside-the-box ad copy and I think you will reap the rewards.

Other ways to increase your Google Adwords Clickthrough ratio:

1. Include your target keyword in all three ad lines.This is kind of an obvious tip but if you can include your target keyword in all three ad lines then do so. The more times the keyword is bolded in the ad the more likely it will catch the reader’s eye.

2. Use numerical numbers. People like numbers. Is the product on sale? Use “50% off” in the ad. Do you offer a competive price? Use “Only $24.95” in the ad.

3. People like awards. You don’t hear many people talk about this one but I’ve found using phrases like “a PC Magazine award winner” in the ad seems to help increase the CTR. Have they won the award multiple times? Use a phrase like “A 5 time PC Mag award winner” in the ad.

4. Use Negative Keywords. If you are not using negative keywords in your Google Adwords campaigns then you are losing money. For example, if you are running an ad for software you might want to add negative keywords such as:

activation, disable, uninstall, remove, removal, key code, code, error, key generator, serial, crack, license, serial code, cracks, cracked, password, key, warez.

5. Bid high and then adjust. Start with a high CPC initially to try and build up a good clickthrough ratio for the ad. Then you might be able to slowly adjust your bids lower and keep your previous position. Be sure to set a maximum daily expedenture.

6. Use Long-Tail-Keywords. Use long-tail-keywords in conjuction with exact match phrases. For example, instead of bidding on “mortgage” bid on a long-tail keyword such as [low cost mortgage in Orlando FL]. I’ll be writing more on using Long-Tail keywords later.

I hope this helps! Take care and good luck.

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