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Blog World 2009 Las Vegas Recap

Posted on October 21, 2009 by Tim Schroeder

It’s been over 6 months since I last made a post on eMonetized and I figured that on the drive back home I might as well write a Blog World recap post.

Why Did We Attend Blog World?

My wife, Deb from ChattyGal.com recently started blogging and I have to admit that she is a much more committed blogger than myself. She started her blog  just a few weeks ago but she has some nice posts for the “gals” and a few posts that us guys might enjoy. She also made her own Blog World 2009 recap post here.

A few weeks ago Blog Catalog held a contest to win full passes to Blog World. All you had to do is create a video and tell why you should be picked to win the free tickets. Well, Deb won the tickets and you can see the two winnings videos here. We decided to pack our bags and head to Vegas.

Day 1 at Blog World:

After driving to Savannah from Orlando to drop off the kids at the grandparents we flew to Las Vegas on Wednesday. We stayed at the Hilton Las Vegas.  The hotel was decent. I’d say it is a step ahead of The Rio where Affiliate Summit is usually held but not nearly as nice as the Bellagio and other 5-Star Vegas hotels. The conference didn’t start until Thursday so we did a little  gambling at the Hilton that day and then took a taxi over to the Bellagio for a dinner buffet and a little more gambling. I lost money the first day and Deb broke about even.

We were tired because of the three hour time change and ended up back at our hotel about 8pm Vegas time. We knew we would have some late nights so we decided to hit the bed.

Day 2 at Blog World:

We woke up at about 6am which would have been 9am Orlando time. We had breakfast at the Hilton and then headed over to the conference center to register and get our conference badges. We walked over from the Hilton and it was quite a hike. It didn’t help that the conference center was huge and we had no idea where we were going.

Registration was quick and easy. I only got an expo hall pass and Deb had a full session pass. She headed over to see some sessions and I went back to the Hilton. I got some coffee and worked on the computer a bit. Then I lost some more money playing blackjack and slots. Losing money at the casino is getting to be a pattern at this point. I actually ended up winning several hundred dollars the last day of the conference and went home with a little profit.

That evening Blog Catalog took Deb and I out to a nice dinner at the Hilton. Everyone from Blog Catalog was really nice. There was about 20 of us at the dinner. A special thanks to Tony, Angie, and Jason.

After dinner Deb and I went to see the Cirque du Soleil, LOVE. The show is performed to The Beatles music. The entire show was unbelievable and it was one our favorite Cirque du Soleil show we have seen yet! Our seats were really close to the stage. We have also seen “O” in Vegas the the show in Orlando. After the show it was close to midnight and we called it a night.

A big thanks to Dina and the crew from Market Leverage for hooking us up with the free tickets.

Day 3 at Blog World:

On day three we had breakfast and Deb headed to some sessions. I stayed at the hotel and met my buddies Mike Kelly and Gary from Market Leverage for lunch.

After lunch myself and the ML crew headed over to the expo hall. The expo hall was large and there seemed to be a decent amount of booths. The actual floor didn’t seem that busy. As an affiliate marketer I would not say there was a whole lot for me on the floor. As a blogger I could see where it could be very beneficial. Clickbooth was the only affiliate network with a booth. It was nice running into Eric Schechter from Clickbooth a few times.

While walking the expo hall we chatted with my conference buddies Zac Johnson and John Chow for awhile. It was great seeing both of them again.

Later that night Deb and I were invited to dinner at the Envy steakhouse with Market Leverage. It was the best steak I’ve ever had. John Chow and Zac Johnson also attended the dinner along with about 20 other people. Zac and John were trying to get me to attend the bloggers super panel so they could bash my blog because I had not posted in several months. It’s one of things NOT to do when trying to build a blog. 🙂

After dinner we headed over to a TweetUp party at Lavo Nightclub. The place was packed. The music was good as well as the drinks. We got back to the hotel late that night and crashed.

Day 4 at Blog World:

This day was kind of uneventful until the evening. Deb went and got a Body Wrap with Dina from ML. I had a hangover and lounged around most of the day. I did some slots during the day and made up for my losses during the previous days.

That evening we went to a party by the pool at the Hilton. Market Leverage and others had there own cabana. The food was really good and it was nice basically just relaxing around and chatting. After the party Deb and I went briefly to a karaoke meetup downstairs where some singers did pretty good but most sounded horrible.

Was Blog World Worth The Trip?

Yes! As an affiliate marketer there wasn’t a whole lot for me at the expo hall. However it’s always great to meet both new and old friends. The networking is what makes most of these conferences worth it. I didn’t take as many pictures as I was hoping but I do have one from when we met Adam Carolla (Loveline and The Man Show) in the Expo hall. I’ll try and upload it soon.

As always, thanks again to Market Leverage for everything. You guys rock.

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6 Responses to “Blog World 2009 Las Vegas Recap”

  1. MLDina

    - 22nd Oct, 09 02:10am

    You guys are so, so welcome! The tickets were actually compliments of Heather from BoatinginBeautifulBritishColumbia.com. She was kind enough to share them as she couldn’t make it to BWE this year. Wonderful hanging out with you as always- we really are going to need to schedule some trips around Orlando, though. That Vegas stuff wears me out!

  2. Abel

    - 26th Oct, 09 03:10pm

    I never knew there was a whole Blog World! Amazing! I wish I could go. Do you have any idea if they do a similar sort of thing in europe?

  3. Ben

    - 2nd Nov, 09 01:11pm

    Sounds like you guys had a tonne of fun!!! wish i was there 🙂

  4. Ben

    - 2nd Nov, 09 01:11pm

    Sounds like you guys had a Tonne of fun, wish i was there!!!

  5. Lene

    - 2nd Nov, 09 02:11pm

    @ Abel, No I’ve also had a look around but we don’t have a similar event in Europe. So my advice, just pack your bags and head up to Vegas!

  6. Banko

    - 8th Nov, 09 10:11pm

    hi. thank you for this article..

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