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Do You OnlyWire? An all-in-one Social Bookmarking Service.

Posted on May 30, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

Yesterday I signed up with an all-in-one social bookmarking service called OnlyWire.

Previously, the only Social Bookmarking service I was using was del.icio.us. While they certainly are the most popular, shouldn’t I be taking advantage of the many other free social bookmarking services to gain more traffic and backlinks!? However, if you are like me, bookmarking your pages to several bookmarking websites individually can be a time consuming and time is a precious commodity.

Then along comes OnlyWire. It’s “the only bookmarklet you’ll ever need!

In order to use OnlyWire, you will want to join some (preferably all) of the following social bookmarking services:





Blue Dot















Then, after joining and logging-in to OnlyWire, you will enter in your username and password for each of those social bookmarking services that you want to use:

The last step would be to add one of their handy bookmark tools to your browser’s toolbar.

Now when you find a webpage you would like to bookmark such as my 75+ of the Best Blog Directories and RSS Search Engines post 😉 you can click on the OnlyWire bookmark tool. You should of course also use this service for bookmarking pages of your own website. The title and url of the page will be automatically filled out for you. From there you will also enter any tags of your choice and then click “bookmark page.”

Now you have just instantly bookmarked the page to up to 19 social bookmarking service at once!

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4 Responses to “Do You OnlyWire? An all-in-one Social Bookmarking Service.”

  1. Golf

    - 4th Jun, 07 09:06am

    I use OnlyWire
    It kicks butt, I would like to see more social bookmarks on there though. There are so many out there now. But still a great service.
    Definitely recommend!

  2. Ryan

    - 6th Jun, 07 01:06am

    You pay for the convenience by letting OnlyWire post their own paid links into your social bookmark collections. Be sure to read the fine print in their terms, or see what they’re selling to sponsors:


  3. Mapquest Maps A

    - 14th Jan, 08 08:01pm

    Onlywire seems to be dead by now. Many services discontinued their APIs, and those that didn’t get you banned when you post through API. It works just for a couple of services now, what effectively renders it useless..

  4. FRANK

    - 28th Jan, 09 03:01am

    I ‘ve used lot of bookmarks, but just now i heard about onlywire ,definitely i’ll try this bookmark for my blog.

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