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Market Leverage Dinner at Affiliate Summit West 2009

Posted on January 20, 2009 by Tim Schroeder

Another one of the highlights for myself at Affiliate Summit West 2009 was dinner with Market Leverage.

I want to thank Market Leverage CEO Michael Jenkins and Marketing Manager Dina Riccobono for the invite. My wife and I were invited to a private dinner with Market Leverage at the Switch in The Encore. The food and atmosphere was amazing.

Here is myself, my wife and CEO of ML, Michael Jenkins. I look forward to chatting with him more at the Market Leverage offices. I also sat in on his Affiliate Videos session. He is one really smart guy and I have a lot of respect for him. During the dinner Michael announced ML’s new Green Links technoogy. It’s the first of its kind among affiliate networks. Hover over a green link on their website and a video will popup explaining it. It’s really cool. I’ll write more on this soon.


Here is myself and Dina Riccobono of Market Leverage. She is sweet, smart and from what I’ve seen, a superb marketing manager. Also quite the busy bee. Michael, you should give Dina another a raise. 🙂 It was also nice to chat with Mike Kelly, Jen Fluker (and the rest of the ML crew), Ms Danielle, and Nate Whitehill of (Unique Blog Designs).


Here is another picture of the table with a side-view of Andrew Wee. I was able to talk to Andrew quite a bit during dinner and other parts of the Summit. Nice guy.



It was nice to meet Zac Johnson at the dinner. Hopefully we can hang out more at the next Summit.


ShoeMoney was also at the dinner. I was only able to chat with him briefly because he was sitting at the end of the table but he is very approachable and likes to make silly faces in most of his pictures.


And here is a picture of myself and my beautiful wife during the dinner.


Here are a couple videos of the dinner, one which shows the walls moving at the Switch.

Thanks again to ML for the dinner.

If you are not working with Market Leverage yet, you should be.

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14 Responses to “Market Leverage Dinner at Affiliate Summit West 2009”

  1. andrew wee

    - 20th Jan, 09 07:01pm

    Good to meet you at last, Tim.
    Talk soon!

  2. Tim Schroeder

    - 20th Jan, 09 08:01pm

    Thanks Andrew. Will chat with you more soon. I still have a few more ASW recap posts to make…

  3. Zac Johnson

    - 20th Jan, 09 08:01pm

    Hey Tim, was great to finally meet you in person. Looking forward to meeting up again at the next event!

  4. MLDina

    - 21st Jan, 09 02:01am

    So glad we could finally meet in person! Thank you for the kind words, too. I’m well taken care of, but I’m going to pass this post along anyway. 🙂 You and Debra are welcome to lunch any time you like, just let me know when you’re stopping by. Hope to see you soon!

  5. Market Leverage Review

    - 21st Jan, 09 05:01am

    I wished i lived in America and can join several events like this. Too bad.

  6. Darlenvennita

    - 22nd Jan, 09 07:01am

    Good luck with your new venture. I may be need your services at some point in the future.

  7. Jacques

    - 19th Feb, 09 12:02am

    WOW that looks excellent. What was the reason for this party?

  8. Josh

    - 27th Feb, 09 09:02pm

    I’ve always wanted to go to one of these internet marketing conferences. They look like a heck of a lot of fun, I’m just afraid I’ll get so overloaded with information I’m not going to know where to start when I get back.

  9. web design miami

    - 16th Apr, 09 09:04am

    Wow this must’ve been fun! Also all that food makes me hungry… brb making dinner ;).

  10. Delta Squadron

    - 8th May, 09 02:05am

    Nice photos 🙂

  11. download norton systemworks

    - 18th Jul, 09 03:07am

    It looks like you guys had a great time, judging by your smiles in the pictures. What is that smoking thing that you’re getting food from?

  12. How to deal with

    - 22nd Jul, 09 05:07am

    “During the dinner Michael announced ML’s new Green Links technoogy.”

    This sounds promising! I’m sure a lot of users a looking forward to using this for their start up businesses.

  13. slots

    - 22nd Jul, 09 10:07am

    “The food and atmosphere was amazing.”

    The restaurant’s architecture and ambience looks incredible. What kind of food do they serve? Would you recommend it for family outings?


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