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Affiliate Summit West 2009 CAMA Brunch

Posted on January 20, 2009 by Tim Schroeder

On the first “official” day of Affiliate Summit the sessions didn’t start until 12am. I woke up and decided last minute that I’d try and make the CAMA brunch.

“CAMA” stands for Christian Affiliate Marketing Association and it’s a faith-based organization that was formed at Afffiliate Summit East 2007 in Miami. I wasn’t registered for CAMA but I knew they were all meeting downstairs to catch some cabs together.  CAMA was sold-out but thankfully they still were able to get me in.

CAMA does something different at each Affiliate Summit. I think they did a boat ride at the Boston Summit in 2008.  This year at Affiliate Summit West 2009 in Vegas they held a gospel brunch at The House Of Blues in Mandalay Bay Hotel.

This CAMA brunch was really one of the highlights of my first Affiliate Summit. The food was amazing, the gospel singer was amazing and I was able to meet and network with a lot of great people.



I met Jim Kukral for the first time at CAMA. He is one of the most down-to-earth genuinely nice guys you could meet. Jim Kukral is pretty well-known in the Social Media scene and also the emcee of the Affiliate Summits.


I met so many other nice people at CAMA and I can’t name them all but I was also nice meeting fellow Orlando resident Tyler Patton (and wife), the nice lady who sat across the table from me, Wade, George Hanson and the crew from OneNetworkDirect, and more…


CAMA, thanks for hosting this event. I hope to be at the Affiliate Summit East event in NYC as well.

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7 Responses to “Affiliate Summit West 2009 CAMA Brunch”

  1. Jim Kukral

    - 20th Jan, 09 07:01pm

    Nice pic! And nice to meet you at the show. Did you find it worthwhile?

  2. Logan Thompson

    - 20th Jan, 09 07:01pm

    Hi Tim. Thanks for putting up some pics. I wasn’t able to go to Affiliate Summit and would have gone to the CAMA breakfast if I could have made it. Good to see some pictures and will definitely make it next time.

  3. Tim Schroeder

    - 20th Jan, 09 08:01pm

    Hi Logan. Sorry you couldn’t make it. Hopefully we will meet at the next event.

  4. Tim Schroeder

    - 20th Jan, 09 08:01pm

    Hey Jim. Yes, it was very much worthwhile and I plan to attend many more. Again, great to meet you!

  5. Josh

    - 28th Jan, 09 04:01pm

    Wow, reading about this is making me jealous, hopefully I can make one of these.

  6. Lara

    - 22nd Jul, 09 02:07pm

    I am very sorry that I did not attend this event because of the picture I can see that it was great. I will not miss it next time.

  7. Wen Hosting Reviews

    - 14th Aug, 09 11:08am

    Great event. Really i am feeling bad as i have missed this event. The pics are very nice.

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