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New York Post Releases Article on Adsense Arbitrage CrackDown

Posted on May 24, 2007 by Tim Schroeder

It looks like the recent news about Google closing accounts of publishers using MFA (made-for-adsense) websites in conjunction with Arbitrage is spreading. The first news release by a major newspaper, The New York Post, was released yesterday.

In an article named “Ads and Subtract” by Holly Sanders it says:

The search giant has notified a number of Web publishers in the last few days that they will be dropped from its popular “AdSense” program starting June 1.

The cut-off notices jolted the online ad world, where hundreds of thousands of people make money in exchange for allowing Google to place ads on their Web sites.

The easy money has led to a rise in “made-for-AdSense” Web pages that critics say clutter up the Internet and divert online searches. These content-free sites, which often are nothing more than links to other sites and a bunch of Google ads, exist solely to exploit AdSense.

The article also talks about the basics of how made-for-Adsense are used and the main reason for the crackdown:

Although Google still makes money off of these sites, they don’t like them because they hurt the quality of search results and reduce the “click through” rate for advertisers.

I probably won’t be doing another Adsense Arbitrage Case study any time soon. 😉

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