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A Market Leverage Surprise: Thanks ML!

Posted on July 17, 2008 by Tim Schroeder

I’m back from a two-week vacation to the beach (Boca Grande, FL) and a long brake from blogging. A few days after I returned, a big FedEx box arrived on my front porch. From who you ask?

Who else than from the marketing geniuses and also my new best friends… The Market Leverage Affiliate Network Crew!! Thank You!

Market Leverage rocks! And a special thanks to the super-cool Market Leverage Marketing manager, Dina Riccobono. We all know that building relationships is important and they have definitely started off on my good side. No matter how much money I make, I’ll also be the type of guy that likes a good deal or even better, free stuff!

What did Market Leverage send me?

1. A sweet Flip Video Camera!
2. A Flip Video Tripod!
3. A Flip Video Soft Pouch!
4. 4 great shirts! My son Austin and daughter Katelyn are wearing cute “Future Blogger” t-shirts. Deb and I are also wearing high quality Nike gold shirts with the Market Leverage logo. I’ll be proud to wear it.
5. A cool Market Leverage hat. Deb is wearing it. It’s in youth size so it didn’t quit fit my head. I’m going to see If I can order an adult size because they are nice hats!
6. Gas gift cards.
7. A Ruth’s Chris Steak House gift card.
8. Movie ticket gift cards.
9. Two spiffy Market Leverage flash drive pens.
10. And a really nice Market Leverage Nike duffle bag (which all the great stuff arrived in).

Here are a couple more pics of some of the goods:

When you join the Market Leverage network, you will notice some of the highest default payouts anywhere! I’ve found several offers with payouts several dollars higher than the defaults at some other networks. This is NO joke and I’ll be giving several examples in a new review. I’m really excited to start working with them ASAP.

By the way, Market Leverage is giving away a lifetime referral bonus for each Publisher you refer to their network! Earn (5%) five percent of the commission for each and every Publisher you refer that signs up as a Market Leverage Publisher.

Thanks again Market Leverage! If you have not joined Market Leverage yet, you should do so now! Click Here

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9 Responses to “A Market Leverage Surprise: Thanks ML!”

  1. EntreBlast

    - 18th Jul, 08 01:07pm

    That’s really thoughtful of them. So uh, what are the qualifications for getting one of those cool packages from them? πŸ˜›

  2. The iPhone Guy

    - 22nd Jul, 08 09:07pm

    This way really nice of them, congratz guys!

  3. Norhafidz

    - 26th Jul, 08 06:07am

    They did the same to other bloggers like John Chow. Quite interesting strategy, and yea I agree, building relationships is extremely important πŸ™‚

  4. Dustin

    - 27th Jul, 08 09:07pm

    At one point, it was thought you just had to join them. But I joined them like 3 months ago and haven’t received one. And to think, I’ve made around $150 from them so far over the last three months and another blogger apparently only sent $15-$20 worth of leads to them and they received a care package.

    So I’m confused…

  5. Affiliates Miami

    - 6th Aug, 08 07:08pm

    Market Leverage is the shit. High paying offers, fast payments, great staff.

    Join now.

  6. BlogSavvy

    - 10th Aug, 08 09:08pm

    Just got started seems like they are the new show in town. I’ll keep you updated as how it goes.

  7. Margaret

    - 13th Aug, 08 06:08pm

    What a wonderful surprise, isn’t it? Kudos for Market Leverage and your nice posts, Tim!

  8. Lexli

    - 30th Oct, 08 09:10pm

    Wow, you made off like a bandit. The flip video camera is really cool, I’m surprised they sent such a nice item. I’ve never heard of Market Leverage before, but I’ll definitely check them out now.

  9. jean wells

    - 16th Jun, 09 06:06am

    I believe many people were completely astonished at seeing those matters Market Leverage send out.I heard of it at first time. However, I decided to check them out at once. Eager for a surprise like yours!

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